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CMA Chapter 35


Antioxidant Inhibits the oxidation of other molecules.
Atherosclerosis Hardening of the artery.
Bariatrics Treatment and control of obesity and diseases associated with obesity.
Cholesterol Fatlike substance that is essential for normal functioning of the body.
Complete protein Protein contains all the essential amino acids.
Disaccharide Carbohydrate consisting of two sugars.
Empty Calorie Food Food provides calories but few or no nutrients.
Essential Amino Acid Amino acid required by the body but can't be manufactured and must be attained by food.
Gluten Type of protein found in certain grains such as wheat, rye, and barley.
Glycogen Form which carbohydrate stored in the body.
Incomplete Protein Protein lacks one or more essential amino acids.
Kilocalorie Amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree Celsius.
Lactose Disaccharide consists of 2 sugar units and found in milk and milk products.
Macronutrient Large amounts of nutrients required.
Micronutrients Small amounts of nutrients required.
Mineral Naturally occurring inorganic substance essential to the proper functioning.
Monosaccharide Carbohydrate consisting of one sugar.
Nonessential Amino Acid Amino acid required by the body that can synthesized by the body in sufficient quantities.
Nutrient Chemical substance found in food needed by the body for survival and well-being.
Nutrition Nutrition is the study of nutrients in food including how the body uses the, and their relationship to health.
Nutrition Therapy Application of science of nutrition to promote optimal health and treat illness.
Obesity Overweight.
Percent Daily Value Percentage of a nutrient provided by a single serving of a food item compare with how much is required for the entire day.
Saturated Fat Type of fat that is solid at room temperature and comes primarily from animal sources.
Triglycerides Chemical form in which most fat exists in food, as well as the body.
Unsaturated Fat Type of fat that is a liquid at room temperature and comes from plant sources.
Vitamin Organic compound that is required in small amounts by the body for normal growth and development.
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