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Landforms - lesson 1

natural processes

rocks being broken down into soil and sand weathering
the process of soil, sand, and tiny pieces of rock being moved by wind, water or glaciers erosion
a large hole formed when the ground caves in because of weak or dissolving rocks sinkhole
the earth's physical features landforms
the process of soil and sand being dropped off in a new place deposition
rock and soil that fall due to gravity mass movement
new land where sediment is dropped at the mouth of a river delta
thick sheet of ice that causes erosion as it slides down glacier
a very steep landform that waves can change over time cliff
tiny pieces of broken-down rock sediment
a process that changes the minerals that make up rocks chemical weathering
a process that chnages rocks without changing the minerals that are made of physical weathering
the breaking of rock into smaller pieces by gravity, ice, plant roots, or other factors mechanical weathering
an event that occurs when gravity quickly pulls rocks and dirt downhill landslide
an opening in Earth's crust through which steam, lava, and ashes erupt volcano
the shaking of Earth's surface caused by the release of energy along a fault earthquake
a great flow of water over an area that is usually dry land flood
Created by: klindsey