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Latin Sententiae 1

Sententiae 1-50

ante meridiem (am) before noon
post meridiem (pm) after noon
post scriptum (ps) after the writing; "post script"
tempus fugit times flies (flees)
cave canem beware of dog
excelsior higher (better)
pede fausto with your best foot forward
semper paratus always be prepared
semper fidelis always be prepared
versus (vs) against
per diem by the day/daily
per anum by the year/annually
per capita per head/per person (by the head)
pro et contra for and against (pro and con)
nota bene (n.b.) note well
terra firma solid ground (both literally, and confidently)
et cetera (etc.) and the rest
anno domini (a.d./c.e.) in the year of the Lord
e pluribus unum out of many, one
vice versa the other way around
libra (lb) a pound
multum in parvo a lot in a little
veritas truth
magnum opus greatest accomplishment; masterpiece
dolum an donum deciet or gift=trick or treat
qualis pater, qualis filius like father, like son
mea culpa my fault (my bad)
status quo the current situation
experientia docet experience teaches
pro bono publico for the public good
exempli gratia (e.g.) for the sake of example
in toto in total; in sum
vox populi the voice of the peopl
ab ovo ad mala from eggs to apples (a banquet)
(Deo)Deis gratias Thanks to the god
nihil nimis nothing to excess
caveat emptor (let the) buyer beware
labor omnia vincit works conquers all
errare est humanum to err is human
facta non verba actions speak louder than words (I'll believe it when I see it)
festina lente hurry up slowly (proceed with caution)
mens sona in corpore sono a sound mind in a sound body (healthy and well)
ad nauseam to the point of disgust
ad infinitum to infinity;endlessly
Io, Saturnalia! Yay, it's Saturnalia
ferias laetus! Happy Holiday! (acc. of exclamation)
gloria in excelsis Deo Glory to God in the highest
de gustibus non diputandem est there's no accounting for taste
recipe (RX) take
quid pro quo this for that; an even/fair exchange
Created by: lyp1089