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Eng q2 u2 sent parts

Eng Q sentence parts

sentence a group of words that expresses a complete thought and can stand alone
subject, predicate every grammatical sentence must have these two
subject part of the sentence about which something is said
predicate part of the sentence which says something about the subject
simple subject subject without any modifiers
complete subject subject plus all of its modifiers
simple predicate verb without any complements or modifiers
complete predicate verb plus any complements and modifiers
complement a word or group of words that complete the meaning begun by the subject and verb
subject, verb, complement, modifiers four main elements of a sentence
verb phrase often interrupted by a word or group of words
a verbal when looking for verbs, do not mistake this for a verb
between the parts of a verb phrase in interrogative sentences, the subject is usually where
here the word that, although it begins some sentences, is rarely the subject
in a prepositional phrase the subject will never be where
expletives when there or it begin a sentence, they are usually __________ not subjects
complement completes the meaning begun by the subject and verb
objects complements that are concerned in some way with the action of a verb
direct object a substantive (a noun/its equivalent) that receives the action of a verb or shows the result of that action
indirect object substantive that tells to whom or for whom/to what or for what the action of the verb is done for
objective complement a noun or adjective that is sometimes needed in addition to the direct object to complete the sense of the verb
to be insert this phrase to determine an objective complement
subject complements complements that refer to the subject and at the same time complete the predication begun by a linking verb
predicate nominative a substantive that follows a linking verb and renames or explains the subject
predicate adjective an adjective that follows a linking verb and modifies the subject
compound subject two or more subjects connected by and, or, or nor; used with the same verb
compound verb two or more verbs connected by and, or, nor, or but; used with the same subject
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