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Latin Sententiae 2

Sententiae 51-76

lapsus linguae slip of the tongue
citius, altius, fortius faster, higher, stronger
ad astra per aspera to the stars through the difficulties
sub rosa under the rose (secretly)
amor omnia vincit love conquers all
amor caecus est love is blind
alter ego amicus a friend is another self (I)
bona fide in good faith=genuine
cum grano salis with a grain of salt (not take too seriously)
"veni, vidi, vici" "I came, I saw, I conquered"
"...et tu, Brute?" "...and you, Brutus?"
"alia, iacta est" "The die is cast"
de mortuis nil nisi bonum Say nothing except good about the dead.
requiescat in pace let him/her rest in peace
et alii (et al) and others
sub poena under penalty (of law)
ad libitum (ad lib) freely, as you like
ex tempore spontaneously, on the spur of the moment; extemporaneous
manum manus lavat one hand washes the other (I'll scratch your back, if you'll scratch mine)
vestis virum facit clothes make the man (person)
modus operandi (m.o.) way/kind of behaving
sic transit gloria mundi thus passes the glory of the world
mirabile dicti miraculous to tell
civis Romanus sum I am a Roman citizen
Senatus Populusque Romanus The Senate and Roman People
Created by: lyp1089