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Med Term Ch 17


aqueo water
blepharo eyelid
conjunctivo conjunctiva
coro pupil
corneo cornea
cyclo ciliary body or muscle of the eye
dacryo tears, tear duct
iro, irido iris (colored portion of eye)
kerato cornea
lacrimo tears
oculo eye
ophthalmo eye
opto, optico eye, vision
palpebro eyelid
papillo optic disc; nipple-like
phaco, phako lens of the eye
pupillo pupil
retino retina
sclero sclera (white of the eye)
uveo uvea, vascular layer of the eye (iris, ciliary body, and choroid)
vitreo glassy
amblyo dull, dim
diplo double
glauco gray
mio smaller, less
mydro widen, enlarge
nycto night
photo light
presbyo old age
scoto darkness
xero dry
-opia vision
-opsia vision
-tropia to turn
acouso hearing
audio hearing, the sense of hearing
audito hearing
auro, auriculo ear
cochleo cochlea
mastoido mastoid process
myringo eardrum, tympanic membrane
ossiculo ossicle
oto ear
salpingo eustachian tube, auditory tube
stapedo strapes (third bone of the middle ear)
tympano eardrum, tympanic membrane
vestibulo vestibule
-acusis or -cusis hearing
-meter instrument to measure
-otia ear condition
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