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meet A<W>-U
wash ARA<W>-U
pay HARA<W>-U
say I<W>-U
make a mistake MACHIGA<W>-U
get/receive MORA<W>-U
think/feel OMO<W>-U
assist TETSUDA<W>-U
use TSUKA<W>-U
sing UTA<W>-U
laugh/smile WARA<W>-U
enter HAIR-U
go back/home KAER-U
cut KIR-U
turn MAGAR-U
be back MODOR-U
ride NOR-U
dance ODOR-U
know SHIR-U
sit down SUWAR-U
something stops TOMAR-U
take TOR-U
sell UR-U
understand WAKAR-U
do, play YAR-U
win KAT-U
wait MAT-U
hold, possess MOT-U
stand up TAT-U
hit UT-U
put out DAS-U
return KAES-U
lend KAS-U
misplace, lose NAKUS-U
fix, repair NAOS-U
push, press OS-U
look for SAGAS-U
hand-deliver WATAS-U
something opens AK-U
walk ARUK-U
wipe/wind blows FUK-U
pull HIK-U
write KAK-U
hear/ask KIK-U
cry NAK-U
pull out NUK-U
put/place OK-U
bloom/tear SAK-U
arrive/attach TSUK-U
broil/bake YAK-U
have fun/play ASOB-U
choose ERAB-U
carry HAKOB-U
yell, scream SAKEB-U
fly/jump TOB-U
call, summon YOB-U
get delighted YOROKOB-U
hurry up ISOG-U
take clothes off NUG-U
swim OYOG-U
run riot SAWAG-U
connect/tie TSUNAG-U
knit AM-U
step on FUM-U
bite/chew KAM-U
be crowded KOM-U
drink NOM-U
steal NUSUM-U
live SUM-U
ask a favor TANOM-U
rain/snow stops YAM-U
take a rest YASUM-U
die SHIN-U
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