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JSL Lesson 24B Vocab

広さ ひろさarea, size
広い ひろいis spacious, wide, big (of area)
狭い せまい is cramped, narrow, small (of area)
かなりある there is quite a bit
ワンルーム (also with ~マンション) one-room unit, studio apartment
洗面所 せんめんじょwashroom
壊れる(~る) こわれる to become broken, damaged, destroyed; fall apart
壊す こわすto break []; demolish, destroy
家主 やぬしowner of a house, landlord
(大家) おおやowner of a rented house, landlord
顔をする かおをするto assume an expression
よさそう (な) looking good; looks good
考えた方がよさそうだ かんがえたほうがよさそうだ look as if it would be better to think
何人か なんにんかsome number of people
1DK(いちディーケー or ワンディーケー) 1DK (one room + dining area/kitchen)
不動産や or 不動産屋 ふどうさんやreal estate broker
不動産 ふどうさんreal estate
空いている あいているto be vacant, available
交通 こうつうtransportation
便 べんfacilities; convenience
バスの便がある (べん)There is a bus service. (to/between)
便がいい べんがいいis convenient
物価 ぶっか(commodity) prices
日当たり ひあたりexposure to the sun
日当たりが良い[悪い] to be sunny [shady]; [do not] get lots of sun
問題 もんだいproblem
西向き にしむきfacing west
家賃 やちんrent
草臥れる(~る) くたびれる to become fatigued
くたくた(~になる) to be worn out, exhausted, dog-tired
しかし but, however
一日中 いちにちじゅうall day long
なんにも emphatic equivalent of なにも
きっと surely, certainly, undoubtably
適当 (な) てきとう suitable
どうでも however it is
何畳 なんじょうarea/room of how many mats?
何坪 なんつぼarea of how many 2-mat units?
Created by: alice_jones



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