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unit 1 #1

5th grade science

Filter Cloth like material that is used to separate liquids from larger particles
prevent To keep something from happening
dispose To throw away or get rid of
Apron Used to protect clothes
meter stick used to measure centimeters
spring scale measures the weight of an object
triple beam balance used to measure the mass of an object
eye dropper used to measure one droplet at a time
goggles used to protect the eyes
bunsen burner uses a flame to heat objects
density mass vs volume
inference the act or process of reaching a conclusion about something from known fact
notebook/journal used to record data; a brief record of daily happenings
liquid can flow and take on the shape of the container in which they are placed
classify To put into groups
variable only one of these should change in an experiment
independent variable the variable that is changed on purpose to test the dependent variable
dependent variable the variable that is affected by the changes made to the independent variable
control variable the thing in an experiment that is unchanged and constant
buoyancy able to float because of its shape, ability of object to float in water or air
volume refers to the amount of space the object takes up
procedures steps followed during an experiment;
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