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Energy Resource

Energy Resources Unit Test

Energy ability to do work
Mechanical energy energy connected to motion or moving objects
Heat/Thermal energy energy involved in the internal motion of particles of matter
Chemical energy energy from the combustion of fuels
Electromagnetic energy energy of magnets, lights and electricity
Nuclear energy energy found in the nucleus, the spliting of atom's nucleus.
Kinetic energy energy of motion
Potential energy energy of shape or position, also stored energy
Gravitational potential energy is potential energy that is dependent upon its height above the Earth's surface
Energy conversion change of energy from one form to another
Law of conservation of energy energy is not created or destroyed, but changes from one form to another
Fuel substance that provides energy as a result of a chemical change
Combustion burning of a fuel to release energy
Fossil fuels energy rich substance that is formed from remains of organisms (coal, oil, natural gas)
Reserves known deposits of fossil fuels that can be obtained using today's technology
Petroleum liquid fossil fuel (oil - black, thick liquid fossil fuel)
Refinery factory where crude oil is separated into fuels and other products
Solar plants structure to collect solar energy to boil water to make electricity
Solar cells a sandwich of very thin layers of silicon to produce electricity from solar energy
Hydroelectric power electricity produced by flowing water (i.e. Niagara Falls Power Plant)
Biomass fuels fuel made from living things
Geothermal power heat from the earths interior
Energy conservation practice of reducing energy use. (i.e. walking instead of driving)
Insulation building material that blocks heat transfer between the air inside and outside.
Solar Energy Heat and Light energy given off by the sun
petroleum products products made from oil (petroleum)
Renewable sources of energy that are able to be used again and again
coal example of a fossil fuel - black, carbon, rock-like
Natural Gas fossil fuel - colorless & odorless (Gas companies add the odor for safety)
Name 3 RENEWABLE energy sources: Solar, hydroelectric, geothermal
How do we get energy from Solar energy solar panels heat up water that makes steam in the power plant, energy can be collected from solar cells
How do we get energy from hydroelectric energy flowing water turn the turbine in a power plant
How do we get energy from geothermal energy magma heats the water in a power plant
Be able to label the parts of a power plant diagram of a power plant (see your notes)
Explain the 4 energy conversions in a fossil fuel power plant explain (see your notes) Think: Chemical, Heat, mechanical & electromagnetic
Explain why countries should not be dependant on fossil fuels Give at least 2 reasons, give details. Think: Takes millions of years to form, using it faster than its formed, U.S. has limited/low supplies, as supply decreases - prices increase
Explain ways of conserving eneryg and ways to more effeciently use our resources Give plenty of details - Think: carpooling, turn lights off, install Energy star appliances
A pile of coal that will be used for fuel Potential Energy
A box raised above a person's head Potential Energy
A marble rolling down the hallway Kinetic Energy
A hammer hitting a nail Kinetic Energy
A new car battery Potential Energy
A sixth grader running to Gym Kinetic Energy
School Lunch Potential Energy
eyelash fluttering Kinetic Energy
A mouse trap set with peanutbutter Potential Energy
A slingshot stretched and ready to be let go Potential Energy
Name the 5 forms of energy 1. Mechanical, 2. Electromagnetic, 3. Chemical, 4. nuclear & 5. heat/thermal
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