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Gault BIOL 251 Ch 26

Chapter 26: Applied and Industrial Microbiology

Bioreporters Type of biosensor composed of microbes with innate signaling capabilities
Biosensors Device that combines bacteria or microbial products with electronic measuring devices tp detect other bacteria, bacteria products, or chemical compounds in the environment
Disinfection Ozone, UV light, and chlorination can be used for this process
Fermentation Any desirable change to food or beverage induced by microbes
Filtration A process in which microbial biofilms on sand particles trap and remove other microbes
Flocculation A process in which alum is added to water to form sediments with particles and microorganisms
Food Infection A type of food poisoning in which microorganisms are consumed
Food intoxication A type of food poisoning resulting from consumption of microbial toxin
Indicator organism Fecal microbes found in the environment that reveals potential contamination by feces
Lyophilization Removal of water from a substance by means of vacuum pressure
Oxidation lagoon Wastewater treatment areas used to treat animal wastes and from which water is released into natural water systems
Polluted Containing microorganisms or chemicals in excess of acceptable values
Potable Fit to drink
Sedimentation Settling of particulate matter
Septic tank The home equivalent of primary wastewater treatment
Spoilage Any unwanted change to food
Starter culture Starter culture
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