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Cells 3


Organelles enclosed by a double membrane include: the nucleus, the mitochondrion and the chloroplast True
Which of these organelles in NOT associated with the production or sorting of proteins in a cell? Smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER)
Choose the sequence that best describes the progress of an enzyme from synthesis to its final destination in a lysosome: Rough endoplasmic reticulum; cis face of Golgi apparatus, trans face of Golgi apparatus, vesicle, endolysosome
Plant cells differ from animals cells because they have: chloroplasts, cell walls and vacuoles True
What does a polyribosome consist of? several ribosomes translating a single mRNA molecule
Organelles enclosed by a double membrane include: the Golgi apparatus and the lysosomes False
The cytoskeleton provides support, structure, motility, and organisation. Which part of the cytoskeleton forms tracks to direct organelle and vesicle transport. microtubules
Rough ER is associated with ribosomes and critical for protein synthesis in the cell True
Smooth endoplasmic reticulum (ER) forms a continuous part with the rough ER True
Which of the following is surrounded by a double membrane? the nucleus
Which of the following relationships between cell structures and their respective functions is NOT correct? chloroplasts - chief site of peroxidase activity
__________ are fairly small organelles that provide a safe place within the cell to carry out certain biochemical reactions that generate harmful, highly reactive oxygen species. These chemicals are both generated and broken down in the same location. Peroxisomes
Which cellular component is responsible for packaging of lipids and proteins for secretion Golgi complex
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