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Chapter 36

Emergency Preparedness and Protective Practices

Anxiety A feeling of worry or uneasiness, often triggered by an event that is perceived as having an uncertain outcome
Disaster A sudden event that causes damage or loss of life
Emergency Action Plan A written document that describes the actions that employees should take to ensure their safety if a fire or other emergency situation occurs
Emergency Preparedness The process of making plans to prevent, respond to, and recover from an emergency situation
Evacuation A planned systematic retreat of people to safety in an emergency situation
Evacuation Procedures Clear step by step procedures for rapid, efficient, and safe removal of individuals from a building during an emergency
Exit Route A continuous and unobstructed path of travel from any point within a workplace to place of safety
Fire Extinguisher A portable device that discharges an agent designed to extinguish a fire
Fire Protection The implementation of safety measures to reduce the unwanted effects of fire
HAZMAT Materials that pose danger to health or the environment and must be handled with protective equipment
Man-made Disaster An event that causes damage through intentional or negligent human actions or the failure of man-made system
Natural Disaster A catastrophic event that is caused by nature or the natural process of the earth
Stress The body's response to threat or change
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