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Geography Final

Final Exam, Physical Geography

Regolith Surface layer rock, above bedrock
Mass Wasting Downhill movement of soil, regolith & bedrock under the influence of gravity
Soil Biomass plus eroded rock
Erosion factors Exposure, climate, weathering, composition of rock
Physical weathering Frost, Salt Crystal growth, Exfoliation, Thermal, Biological
Frost physical weathering 9% H2O expansion when frozen, happens in high alt, high lat, deserts
Salt Crystal Growth, physical weathering water evaporates from sandstone pores, leaving salt crystals behind, crystals grow and disintegrate rock. Arid and semiarid regions
Exfoliation, physical weathering rock is exposed at surface, pressure releases, rock expands
Chemical Weathering The decomp or decay of minerals in rocks by chemical reactions with water, oxygen & acids. warm, moist climates. Hydrolysis, oxidation, carbonation.
Colluvium Degraded debris collected at base of slope. Dry, gravitational.
Angle of Repose slope that allows rock, sand, clay, to stay in place
Sediment eroded material
Creep extremely slow downhill movement of soil and regolith
Slide big piece breaks away at once, steep angle
Flow river of debris
Lahar destructive mudflow on slopes of volcano
Karst Landscape landscape underlain by eroded limestone aka caves/sinkholes. limestone caverns
Stalactites/Stalagmites Roof/Floor
New deserts growing 20,000 sq acres per year
Cone of Depression leads to sinkhole
Aquiclude Solid, impermeable area overlaying and or underlying an aquifer
Drainage basin watershed
Brackish not very salty
3 gorges dam 1.3333 miles long, china
Meander Curve
Oxbow lake isolated meander
Arcuate delta older more build
older rivers move slowly
younger rivers more velocity
evapotranspiration evaporation from stomata
sublimation evaporation from snow and ice
alluvium collected debris (sediment) at bottom of slope brought by water
gully occasional river on a flat surface
Rill/Rivulet Small stream
Stream erosion hydraulic, abrasion, corrosion, potholes
Stream load solid matter carried by a stream in dissolved form, in suspension and as bed load
Basin divide highest peak
Aggregation equal amounts of h2o and sediment
Nick point migration corner of waterfall erodes
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