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Chpt 9 Terminology

Software for Business Applications

Typically identified by a number (1, 2, …65,536) vertically down the side of a worksheet; date in rows are read horizontally. Row (in) Spreadsheet software
The data fields in a relational database management system (DBMS) table (relation); each column in a database table must be uniquely named with one field as the primary key. Column (in) Database management software
Process of inserting a spreadsheet code into a cell formula to hold the row and/or column references constant when the formula is copied to another cell in the worksheet. Absolute reference
An application software screen ready to accept keyed text for input; in a graphical user interface environment, this is referred to as an active window. Document mode
Module that consists of rows & columns where the end user can set the desired width of each column, set tabulations, view the table with or without ruled lines, include mathematical computations, and easily move to the desired input cell with the tab key. Table (in) Word Processing software
East-to-use general purpose application software purchased from software vendors with supporting manuals and help services. Off-the-shelf software
The organization for a relational database that looks like a spreadsheet program worksheet with intersection rows and columns. Table (in) Database Management software
A highlighted (outlined in dark) area where data is entered into a spreadsheet program worksheet. Active cell
Typically identified by a letter horizontally across the top of a worksheet. Column (in) Spreadsheet software
Area that contains descriptive characteristics about a person, place, or thing in a database management system (DBMS) with each data field assigned a unique name. Field
A single spreadsheet organized into intersecting rows and columns that make up a grid (cells) for data input. Worksheet
Structure that contains a design view where each field within relational database management system (DBMS) table (relation) is identified; following information is provided-field name, type of data for field (text, numeric, currency, date/time, number) Table structure
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Special sound or visual effects that can be added to slides in an electronic presentation. Animation
A data field also called a key field or a control field, that uniquely identifies a record in a relational database management system (DBMS); all records in the database table must contain unique data. Primary key
Company that leases software as well as hardware to organizations through Internet or a private network in an attempt to provide lower technology costs to organization; manages all applications and computer services including updates and maintenance. Application service provider
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The document mode where multiple worksheets are available through the active window in a spreadsheet program; the end user clicks on the appropriate worksheet tab to have the correct worksheet in the active window. Workbook
A row in a relational database management system (DBMS) table that contains related data fields; one field must be coded as the primary key to uniquely identify the record. Record
Quick & easy way to work with subset of data in a spreadsheet program list without having to sort data list first; only rows that meet the criteria specified for a column are displayed & the data can be edited, formatted, printed, & used to create graphs Filter
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