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intermediate unit 7

phrasal verbs

иметь много общего have a lot in common Do you have much in common with your school friends?
иметь доступ к have access to What don't you have access to?
быть лучшим в / выдающимся в to be world-class at / to be good at
обратить особое внимание на то, что кто-то сказал или сделал (акцентировать внимание на) to pick up on What does your favourite film pick up on?
иметь способность к (талант) to have a talent for Do you know anyone who has a talent for something?
соглашаться с to agree with
спорить с to argue with
зависеть от, сильно нуждать в чем-то, довериться to depend on = need smth = trust What does your country depend on?
положиться на to rely on Can you rely on your colleagues?
смеяться над to laugh at What (or who) have you recently laughed at?
принадлежать to belong to Whom does the money belong to in your family?
обратить внимание на to pay attention to Do you usually pay attention to details?
преуспевать в, добиться успеха в to succeed in Do you remember the time when you didn't succeed in something?
платить за to pay for What don't you like to pay for?
ждать to wait for Do your friends usually wait for you?
справиться с / сладить с to cope with Who can't you cope with?
прощаться с, отказаться от to part with = give up What do you hate to part with?
работать на to work for
заботиться о to care for
работать над to work on Are you working on anything now?
продолжать(ся) to go on = continue '' SHOW MUST GO ON''
принять участие в to take part in Have ever taken part in contests? What were they?
привести к, иметь результатом to result in Is there anything what resulted in your hobby?
Created by: AnnaSt