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What do Absolute Statements assert? existence of some fact
What do Conditional Statements assert? Existence of hypothetical relationship betw. conditions if 1st condition is met then 2nd must follow
What 2 elements are conditional statements composed of? sufficient condition necessary condition
What does a sufficient condition have to do ? guarantee the necessary condition NOTHING ELSE IS REQUIRED
What is required for a sufficient condition to be satisfied? necessary condition
What is a Valid Affirmation? Sufficient and necessary conditions fulfilled
What is a contrapositive? Flip side of a valid affirmation The og terms of conditional statement are switched and negated is ALWAYS a vaild inference
What is a valid inference? necessary and sufficient conditions not met
What is an invalid inference? When satisfying necessary condition is not enough to conclude that a sufficient condition follows When denying sufficient condition is not enough to conclude a necessary condition cannot follow
How will "only if" occur on the LSAT? only if A, B B, only if A Introduces necessary condition
if/when/all/any/each/every introduce sufficient conditions
"only" refers to necessary condition only A are B The only B are A
"if and only if" introduces condition that is both sufficient and necessary A will go to China "if and only if" B meets them there A China <->B meets either both conditions occur, or neither one does
unless/until/without/except turn them into "if not" Term that follows these is negated to form sufficient condition other term is necessary condition
How does "unless" occur on the LSAT? unless A, B B, unless A
"no(none)" turn it into "no/none of this is that" No A's are B's = all A's are not B's
Transitive Property? ALWAYS a valid inference Conditional statement's necessary condition is identical to sufficient condition of another conditional statement Conditional statements can be combined
Transitive Fallacy? Trying to combine two conditional statements using transitive property when you don't meet those requirements[BAD!!! DON'T DO IT!!!]
What are most statements on the LSAT represented by what forms? Absolute Conditional
Which side of a statement does the sufficient and necessary conditions go on? Sufficient = Left Necessary = Right
Key Words for Sufficient Condition if when whenever all any each every people who the only
Key Words for Necessary Condition then only only if only when needs requires must always never [always not]
Created by: KyronCox