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Logic Exam 2

A being given as true E is False, I is true, O is False
E being given as true A is False, I is false, O is true
I being given as true E is false, A and O Undetermined
O being given as true A is false; E and I are undetermined
A being given as false O is true; E and I are undetermined
E being given as false I is true; A and O are undetermined
I being given as false A is false; E is true; O is true.
O being given as false A is true; E is false; I is true.
Sq opposition: A to E Contraries
Sq opposition: A to O Contradictories
Sq opposition: I to E Contradictories
Sq opposition: I to O Subcontraries
Converse Change Subject and Predicate
Obversion (All) quality P to NonP; All pure G. >No B are non-G.
Contraposition Switch position and replace with complement. A and O if limited, but no longer works with E.
All A are B. Some A are B. Will Show Invalid with diagram
No A are B. Some A are Not B. Will show Invalid with diagram.
How many circles draw syllagism? three
Represent first? Major Premise
Represent second? Minor Premise
Represent third? Don't draw in conclusion.
x in area at least 1 in area
x on a line don't know, might be in bothor in just one.
curly cues? nothing. not applicable.
Four Terms Equivication, Ambiguity, Amphiboly; All A's are B's. All B's are C. Therefore, As are Ds. Look different but different not okay.
Undistributed Middle middle term not distributed in either premise. All A's are B's. All Cs are Bs. Therefore, All As are Cs.
Distribution: A All (A) are B
Distribution: E No (A) are (B)
Distribution: I Some A are B
Distribution: O Some A are not (B)
Illicit Major Premises make no assertion about all mammals, but conclude no cats are mammals. All B's are C's. No A are B. Therefore, No As are Cs.
Illicit Minor Minor term undistributed; assertion about all opponents of abortion but the premises make no assertion; they say nothing about all abortion opponents.All Cs are Bs. All Bs are As. Therefore, all As are Cs.
Exclusive premise No, No, therefore No. Avoid two negative premises.
Can we have two Os? No
Can we have two Es? No
Affirmative Concl from Neg Premise All As are Bs. No Cs are Bs. Therefore All As are Cs. If either premise is neg. then the conclusion must be neg.
Valid categorical syllogism with all Is or Os No matter will get undistributed middle or illcit major
E and I, but what if limited? A if limited by Some. Conversion does not exist for Boolean.
A and O-Sometimes what? Sometimes E if limited, no longer works with E.
Relational sides of the square are undone, but... diagonal contradictory relations remain in force.
First Figure M-P, S-M
Second Figure P-M, S-M
Third Figure M-P, M-S
Fourth Figure P-M, M-S
Existential Fallacy A and E>Can't get particular IO All As are Bs All Bs are Cs. Th. Some As are Cs. From two universal premises, no particular conclusion may be drawn.
Created by: nicegirl_07
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