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Irregular Verbs B2

Surgir Arise Arose Arisen
Despertar Awake Awoke Awoken
Ser / Estar Be Was/Were Been
Vencer / Golpear Beat Beat Beaten
Convertirse / Llegar a Become Became Become
Empezar Begin Began Begun
Doblar / Flexionar Bend Bent Bent
Apostar Bet Bet Bet
Pujar / Apostar Bid Bid Bid
Encuadernar / Vendar Bond Bound Bound
Morder Bite Bit Bitten
Sangrar Bleed Bled Bled
Soplar Blow Blew Blown
Romper Break Broke Broken
Traer / Llevar Bring Brought Brought
Emitir Broadcast Broadcast Broadcast
Construir Build Built Built
Estallar Burst Burst Burst
Estropearse / Romperse Bust Bust Bust
Comprar Buy Bought Bought
Arrojar / Echar / Castear Cast Cast Cast
Coger / Atrapar Catch Caught Caught
Elegir Choose Chose Chosen
Aferrarse / Agarrase Cling Clung Clung
Venir Come Came Come
Costar Cost Cost Cost
Reptar / arrastrarse Creep Crept Crept
Cortar Cut Cut Cut
Tratar / Lidiar Deal Dealt Dealt
Cavar / Excavar Dig Dug Dug
Hacer Do Did Done
Dibujar Draw Drew Drawn
Soñar Dream Dreamt/Dreamed Dreamt/Dreamed
Beber Drink Drank Drunk
Conducir Drive Drove Driven
Morar / Habitar Dwell Dwelt/Dwelled Dwelt/Dwelled
Comer Eat Ate Eaten
Caer Fall Fell Fallen
Alimentar Feed Fed Fed
Sentir Feel Felt Felt
Luchar Fight Fought Fougt
Encontrar Find Found Found
Ajustar / Encajar Fit Fit/Fitted Fit/Fitted
Huir Flee Fled Fled
Arrojar Fling Flung Flung
Fly Flew Flown
Prohibir Forbid Forbade Forbidden
Predecir / Pronosticar Forecast Forecast Forecast
Preveer / Anticipar Foresee Foresaw Foreseen
Olvidar Forget Forgot Forgotten
Congelarse Freeze Froze Frozen
Obtener / Conseguir Get Got Got
Dar Give Gave Given
Ir Go Went Gone
Moler / Triturar Grind Ground Ground
Crecer / Cultivar Grow Grew Grown
Colgar Hang Hung/Hanged Hung/Hanged
Tener Have Had Had
Oir Hear Heard Heard
Ocultar / Esconderse Hide Hid Hidden
Golpear Hit Hit Hit
Sostener / Coger Hold Held Held
Herir Hurt Hurt Hurt
Guardar / Mantener / Quedarse Keep Kept kept
Arrodillarse Kneel Knelt/Kneeld Knelt/Kneeled
Tejer / Hacer punto Knit Knit/Knitted Knit/Knitted
Saber / Conocer Know Knew Known
Colocar / Poner Lay Laid Laid
Guiar / Llevar Lead Led Led
Apoyar Lean Leant/Leaned Leant/Leaned
Saltar por encima Leap Leapt/Leaped Leapt/Leaped
Aprender Learn Learnt/Learned Learnt/Learned
Dejar / Salir Leave Left Left
Prestar Lend Lent Lent
Created by: manuelmsni