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Ascites Abnormal amounts of fluid that accumulates in the abdominal
Semicircular Canal A part of the ear that is directly associated with the equilibrium
Alveoli The exchange of O2 and CO2 between outside air and lung capillaries takes place in the
In the normal heart the blood in the chambers of the side of the heart wld be Lower in oxygen content than that of the left side
Peritonitis Inflammation of the lining of the abd cavity
Pyloric The sphincter located at the lower end of the stomacg
Psoriasis A disorder of the integumentary system characterized by silvery scale
Hepatic Portal System Carries nutrients from the small intestine to the liver then to the systemic circulation
Cisterna Chyli The first part of the thoracic duct is an enlargement and a temporary storage pouch for lymph
Hormones Chemicals secreted by the endocrine glands Regulators of many body activities
Muscles of the body Give shape Provide motion Help posture
Hemoglobin Found in RBC Responsible for transporting oxygen to body cells Responsible for transporting a small amounts of carbon dioxide
Function of blood include All but four
First line of defense is Skin Mucous Membranes
Pour their secretions directly into circulation Glands that are in the endocrine system
Angina Petorra Pain from a lack of blood supply to heart tissue because of constriction of vessels
One function of the tubules of the nephrons is to Reabsorb water etc into blood
Lazy muscles in the digestive tract may result in Atonic Constipation
Pituitary Master gland of the body
Functions of the ovaries The production of ova Production of Graafian follicles Secretions of hormones
Nucleus of the cell Governs many cells activities including reproduction
Inguinal Region The most common type of hernia on a male is found in the
Adrenal cortex The gluecocortoids and mineralocoticoids are secreted by
Muscles of the body Give shape Provide motion Help posture
Ribs articulate with Thoracic Vertebrae
Arachnoid Villus Cerebrospinal fluid is reabsorbed into the cranial venous sinus by structures known as
The skeletal muscles are
Controlled by will Arranged in opposing groups so that one set contract as another relaxes Stimulated to move by nerve impulses
Spinal Cord & Brain The CNS is composed of 2 organs
The Peripheral Nerves Neurilemma aids in he repair of damaged nerves it is found covering..
Interatrial Septum The atrioventricular node (AV) is located in the
Trypsin The enzyme produced by the pancreas responsible for the breakdown of protein is..
Cerebellum The area of the brain that controls coordination balance and muscle tone are the
Electrolytes Compounds that form ions when in solutions are called..
Urethra Organs in the male reproductive system is part of 2 body systems
Active immunity is developed by the Manufacture of antibodies by an individual
Normal range for leukocyte count is 5 to 10,000
Sight An injury to the optic nerve could cause impairment or loss of
Epigastric Region The abdominal cavity may be subdivided into nine regions.. the uppermost of these in the midline area is the
Reduction “Setting” of a bone is called
Thuroid The large endocrine gland located in the neck
Nephrons Within the kidneys there are millions of microscopic units that have the function of producing urine .. these functional units are the..
Increased Metabolism Where there is an increase in the production of thyroxin a person is most likely to have..
Imbalance in CA level A deficiency in the hormone secreted by the parathyroids will produce
The walls of the arteries are Thick & elastic so as to control and expand
Spinal nerves conduct impulses between the Spinal Cord and the parts of the body not controlled by cranial nerve
Neuralgia Nerve pain
Red Marrow The part of the bone that manufacturers red blood cells is the
Downs Syndrome A disease causing mental deficiency that results from an extra chromosome per cell is
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