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Latin vocab stack 1

Vocab from Wheelocks later chapters

Monumentum,-i (n) monument
nasus-i (m) nose
num inter adjective question marker, expecting the answer 'no'
saxum-i rock
tot so many
omnino wholly, entirely
nonne interogative adjective whichintroduces question expecting "yes" as the answer
iacrima-ae tear
fatigo -are to tire, wear out
meta-ae turning point, goal
opinor, opinari, opinatus sum to suppose, opine
main verb =timeo + ut,ne & subjunctive*( ut&ne meanings reversed) fear clause
dominus,-i master
Justus-a-um just, right
explico-are to unfold, to explain
aes, aeres bronze
postremum afterall, finally
for, fari , fatus sum to fortell, speak prophetically
quin indeed, infact
praeter (+acc) besides, except, beyond
quis, quid ( after; si, nisi, ne, num) anyone,anything, someone
pugno-are to fight
quantus-a-um how much, how large
foris- outside
vultus-us(m) countenance, face
exeo, exire, exii, exitum to go out, exit
exercitus-us(m) army
abeo, abire, abii, abitum to go away, depart
domus, -us (f) house, home
gratus -a-um pleasing, agreeable
inmotus-a-um unmoved unchanged
humus-i(f) ground, earth
itiner, itineris(n) road, route
comprhendo, comprendere, comprendi, comprensum to understand, grasp
interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfectum to kill, murder
Dignitas, dignitatis(f) dignity, merit, prestige
Recognosco, recognoscere, recognovi, recognitum to recognize, recollect
dolor, doloris pain
firmus-a-um strong, firm
infirmus-a-um weak
opus, operis(neut) a work, task, deed
suspendo, suspendere, suspendi, suspensum to hang
pristinus-a-um antient, former, previous
etsi (with ind or subj) even if, although
pes, pedis (m) lower leg, foot
mirabilis, mirabile(neut) amazing, wonderous, admirable
odium, odii (neut) hatred
sublimis, sublime elevated, lofty, heroic
vendo, vendere, vendidi, venditum to sell
vetus, veteris old
quasi ( quam +si) as if, as it were
iniuria, -ae injustice, injury, wrong
arbor, arboris(f) tree
sator, satoris(m) sower, planter
aedificium, -ii(n) building, structure
orno, ornare, ornavi, ornatu to equip, furnish, adorn
libo, libare, libavi, libatum to pour,to sip
mulier, mulieris( f) woman
pernocto, pernoctare,, to spend the night (doing smthing)
ventus-i wind
oppugno-are,, to fight
main verb in subjunctive + ut or ne (indirect command) jussi e noun clause