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CMA Chapter 19

Vitals: Temperature

Afebrile Without fever
Antipyretic Agent reduces fever
Axilla Armpit
Celsius scale A temperature scale on which the freezing point of water is 0 and the boiling point is 100
Conduction The transfer of energy from one object to another by direct contact
Convection The transfer of energy, such as heat, through air currents
Crisis A sudden falling of an elevated body temperature to normal
Disinfectant An agent used to destroy disease- producing microorganisms but not necessarily their spores
Fahrenheit scale A temperature scale on which the freezing point is 32 and the boiling point is 212
Febrile Pertaining to a fever
Fever Body temperature above normal
Frenulum linguae Mid-line fold that connects under-surface of the tongue with the floor of the mouth
Hyperpyrexia Extremely high fever
Hypothermia Body temperature below normal
Malaise Vague sense of body discomfort, weakness, fatigue onset of a disease and continues through the course of the illness
Radiation The transfer of energy, which, in forms of waves
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