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Session 2 Microbio3

Microbio -3- Bioterrorism

What are the A list biologic agents Anthrax (bacillus anthracis), Smallpox (variola major), Tularemia (francisella tularensis), Plague (yersinia pestis), Botulism (clostridium botulinum toxin), Viral hemorrhagic agents
Requirements to be an A list agents easily transmitted or spread from person to person, has high mortality rates, might cause public panic and require special action for public health preparedness
Requirements of a B list agents moderately easy to disseminate, moderate morbidity, low mortality rates, require enhancement of CDC's diagnositc capacity and enhanced disease surveillance
Requirements of a C list agents emerging pathogens that could be engineered later to be disseminated, potential for high morbidity and mortality
has two forms pulmonary and cutaneous is spore forming anthrax
what is the mortality rate for a full blown case of anthrax 100%
what are the starting s/sx like for anthrax flu like
What does the spore forming ability of anthrax allow it to do survive for long periods and resist drying and sunlight,
HOw is anthrax diagnosed routine blood culture, sputum culture, direct fluorescent stain, chest x-ray with widened mediastinum.
do you need to quarantine for anthrax no, no patient to patient spread
Treatment of anthrax doxycycline, cipro or anthrax vaccine
what form must anthrax be in to infect target aerosolized
what is the treatment for a person who opens an envelope with powder prophylatic course of antibiotics
what is the less deadly but uglier form of anthrax and what are its s/sx cutaneous anthrax which starts with edema develops into pruritic macule or papule enlarges and ulcerates
When was small pox eradicated 1970
what is the incubation rate for small pox 21 days allows health department to indentify and vaccinate and isolate contacts
Where is the pustular/vesicular rash of small pox most prominant why is this important face and extremities, allows for differentiation from chicken pox
Do the lesions of small pox develop and heal in stages or all at once all at once, chicken pox develops and heals in stages this is another way to differentiate between chicken pox and small pox
How do you diagnose small pox and what course do you take with a patient you think is infected requires specialty testing and put patient in quarantine no treatment on symptomatic care
What is tularemia what types are there gram negative coccobacillus jellison type A (highly virulent) Type B (mild disease)
Who is the most common group infected with tularemia people who work with rabbits
How does tularemia normally infect us passing through broken skin causing febrile condition with skin ulcers and tender lymphadenopathy
What is the incubation for tularemia 1-21 days
What way would tularemia need to enter to infect people as an effective bioagent via the lungs as a aerosol which causes acute onset
what are the s/sx of acute onset tularemia via inhalation non productive cough substernal burning chest x-ray may show patchy ill defined infiltrates may develop toxicity shock is common
what are the major problems with inhaled tularemia febrile condition, develop multiple necrotizing granulomata that destroy alveolar septa. can develop bronchopneumonia, bronchitis or tracheaitis. can also develop bacteremia
How do you diagnose tularemia sed rate and c reactive protein is elevated smears of aspirates from lymph nodes have organism pneumotic form harder to diagnose
What is the treatment for tularemia streptomycin
what are the fatality rates for untreated tularemia skin and lung skin 5% pneumonic 30%
What is the type of plauge found in the US Yersenia pestis
what is the initial s/sx of plague yersenia pestis non specific viral syndrome, progresses to severe pneumonia, cough w/ muco-purulant sputum, hemoptysis, and chest pain
How do you diagnose plague gram's stain of blood or sputum culture direct fluoroscopy assay serology chest x ray with bronchopneumonia
Treatment for plague contagious need strict isolation, treat with streptomycin, gentamycin, doxycyline, chloramphenicol,
What is botulism a toxin produced by an organism
what is the lethal concentration of botulism extremely lethal in parts per billion 1ng/kg
how do you get infected with botulism direct ingestion or inhalation of the toxin
How is botulism toxic and lethal is a choinergic blocker, which causes muscle paralysis. Death usually from respiratory failure.
What is treatment for botulism intubation with respirator
How do you diagnose Botulism poisoning look for the D's dysarthia, diplopia, descending paralysis, dysphonia.
WHat is the treatment of botulism antitoxin most effective if used in first 48-72 hours if this doesn't work ventilator
What is the incubation time for hemorrhagic fevers 5-10 days
what is the characteristic s/sx of onset of hemorrhagic fever abrupt onset of fever myalgia and headache, w/ nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, chest pain and cough.
what occurs five days after infection with hemorrhagic fever develop macular papular rash which in prominent on the trunk
What are the last s/sx of hemorrhagic fever petechiae, ecchymoses and hemorrhages occur as the disease progresses
what type of virus are all the hemorrhagic fevers RNA viruses
all hemorrhagic fevers but dengue can be transmitted via what aerosol or fomites
what is the only hemorrhagic fever with a vaccine yellow fever
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