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ch 13 quiz

what effects does antibiotics have with bacteria Antibiotics leads to bacterial resistance
what is taxonomy The branch of biology conceded with identifying naming and classifying species
What is the Linnaean system? the method of naming species
what is a binomial ? two-part latinized name. First part is the genus, second part is used to distinguish species
Who proposed the evolutionary theory? Charles Darwin
What are fossils? imprints or remains of organisms that lived in the past
What ship was Darwin in? HMS Beagle
What islands did Darwin mainly explore? The Galapagos
What is natural selection? "more fit" = increased survival and increased reproduction. affects individuals but individuals do not evolve
What book did Darwin publish ? On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
Why are fossils important? documents differences between past and present organisms
What are paleontologists? scientist who study fossils
What is homology? similarity resulting from common ancestry
What are vestigial structures? remnants of features that served important functions in an organism's ancestors.
What is artificial selection? The selective breeding to promote the occurrence of desired traits
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