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Food and Eating Out

We're full right now 今いっぱいです
How long is the wait? Dono gurai machimasuka?
One moment please Mo- sukoshi matte kudasai
I haven't decided yet Mada kimete imasen
What can you recommend? Osusume wa nan desu ka?
I would like .... please ... o onegaishimasu
Big Mac meal please Biggu Makku setto o onegaishimasu
Medium fries please Furaido poteto no emu saizu o kudasai
It was delicious oishikatta
Thank you for the food Gochisoo sama deshita
Take-out/ To-go Omochikaeri
Will you eat here or take it out? Kochira de meshiagarimasu ka, omochikaeri desu ka
Anything else? Ijyoodeyoroshiidesuka?
What would you like to drink? Onomimono wa nani shimasu ka?
What would you like to order? Gochuumon wa okimari desu ka?
I would like (# of servings) or (food) please (food) o (number) kudasai
stuffed mochi daifuku
beer bi-ru/namachuu
red wine aka wain
starter/appetizer zensai
dessert deza-to
vegetables yasai
potatoes jyagaimo
rice okome/gohan/raisu
pork buta nuku
chicken tori niku
How much is it? O ikura desu ka?
Japanese food nippon ryoori
Chinese food Chuugoku ryoori
fish sakana
sugar satoo
I'm eating here kochirade
I don't need a bag Fukuro wa irimasen
Just this please Kore de onegaishimasu
Can I pay by credit card? kurejitto kaado de daijobu desu ka?
water omizu/ohiyade
Created by: krj6g7