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Sae ‘19 Social sci

What is a Primary Source A piece of work which is actually written or recorded during the specific time under study.
Who is Leonardo de Medici Patron of the arts
Who is Andrew Carnegie Investor in growing Steel Industry
Who is George Washington Carver African American botanist and Inventor of Crop Rotation
Who is Nelson Mandela Fought against oppression in South Africa and head of anti apartheid movement
What is apartheid Policy of racial segregation practiced in South Africa
Who was Julius Caesar Ruler of Roman Empire, dictator of Rome, killed by Marcus Brutus
What year did Columbus reach America 1492
Who were the Rough Riders Calvary set up by Roosevelt to fight Spanish American War
Who is Daniel Boone Hunter who settled Kentucky
Who was James Ogethorpe Colonized Georgia with prisoners and poor before trying to establish a vision of refuge for the British who owed money
Who is John Jay First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, wrote the Federalist Papers
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
Who was first to sign Declaration John Hancock
What is the Declaration of Independence Declared that the 13 original North America colonies were no longer under British rule. Ratified July 4 1776. Written by Thomas Jefferson.
13 colonies Ma, Ri, Nj, Ny, nh, pa, md, de, ct, nc, sc, ga, va
What is a delta Fan-shaped area at mouth of a river
What up with Canada Most people live in Quebec, because it’s near Great Lakes and St Lawrence River. Has tax sheltering, avoid income tax and capital gain tax.
What countries possess the coldest winters Arctic - Greenland, Baffin Island, parts of Northern Europe
What countries are the warmest Mediterranean- Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Monaco, Uruguay, portugal
Where did block printing originate China
What is the history of democracy Originated in Athens Greece around 400BC. Citizens and councils made decisions, but Only free men could vote
What is the Constitution based on Magma Carter, it ensured Civil Rights for barons, by king John 1215
What is 14 Amendment Granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in US. Can’t deny any person life, liberty, property, due process
What is the 19 amendment Women’s right to vote
The father of the constitution James madison
What is the preamble of constitution Identifies the purpose and begins with “we the people”
1 amendment Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly
2 amendment Right to bear arms
3 amendment No solider should be quartered in any house without consent
4 amendment Search and seizure
5 amendment Right to life, liberty, property. Cannot eve a witness against ones self
6 amendment Right to speedy trial, public trial
7 amendment Trial by jury
8 amendment Cruel and unusual punishment
9 amendment Excessive bail
10 amendment Rights not delegated to the US by Constitution are reserved by state/people
13 amendment Abolish slavery
14 amendment Granted citizenship
15 amendment Granted African American men right to vote
16 amendment Right of the government to collect taxes
19 amendment Women’s right to vote
What are the federalist papers 85 articles arguing for the ratification of the us constitution by John jay (and John Madison and Alexander Hamilton)
Legislative branch Congress, senate, house of rep
Executive branch Pres, VP, cabinet
Judicial Branch Supreme Court (9 judges)
Senate’s job Approve or reject presidential appointees to executive and judicial branches
House of Rep’s job Voice of the state, elect president if no majority, impeachment, start bills pertaining to money
What is a line veto Power of executive to cancel specific parts of bill- unique power held by STATE GOVERNOR
Who can impeach president Congress
What is electoral vote Vote by state for whoever won the popular vote in that state
How many electoral votes does FL have 27
What rights do states have 10 amendment grants the state any power not explicitly stated as federal power-state laws, funding for education, correctional facilities
Order of state courts (3) Trial, appellate, state supreme
Who consents the Pres approval for Supreme court Senate
Number of Supreme Court judges 9
How to farmers decrease run off water Plant vegetation
Tarpon Spring FL importance Mass production of sponges
What is Berlin airlift Truman administration brought food to West Berlin while Soviet Union tried to control berlin
Housing acronym - HUD Dept of Housing and Urban Development
Cuban Missle Crisis 1962 - Soviet Union was deploying nuclear weapons in Cuba
What year was the stamp act 1765
What year was the Rev war 1775-1783
What year was the Boston tea party 1773
What was the date of Declaration of Independence July 4 1776
Year constitution was written 1787
What are the five themes of geography Location, place,human environment interaction, movement, region
What is location Tells you where it is
What is place What is like when you get there - human and physical characteristics
What is movement People and ideas get around
What is human environment interaction What do the people do to the environment, what does the environment do for people
What is Regions Climates, religion, states, territories
Examples of primary source Diaries, letters, speeches, interviews, letters, memos
What is Africa’s technological achievements Oldest stone tools, tool production, largest library in classical world (295 BC), Oldest Stone Circle (summer solstice)
Technological contribution by Asia Four great inventions- compass, gunpowder, paper-making, printing
What is the Homestead Act of 1862 Offered 160 acres to individual settlers for a set amount of time to and to make minimal improvements to the land.
What are the 7 continents Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia (Oceania), Antarctica
Created by: Lorenparsons
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