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TGAU 2019

2019 paper vocab

celf art
gwers(i) lesson(s)
wy(au) egg(s)
ffa pob baked beans
amser cinio lunch time
cig meat
iach healthy
cas least favourite
cerddoriaeth music
cywir/ gywir true
anghywir false
llysiau veg
bywyd life
byw live
mwyaf most/ biggest
lleiaf least/ smallest
Diwrnod day
heddiw today
fel like
angen need
efo with
pwysig/ bwysig important
nesa(f) next
cyw iâr chicken
sôn am ... talk about...
blasus/ flasus tasty
tafarn/ dafarn pub
ces i... I had...
dwlu love
melys sweet
yfory tomorrow
i losgi to burn
barn/farn opinion
afiach unhealthy
Dylet ti... (used with giving advice) You should...
Dylet ti stopio ysmygu You should stop smoking
Delet ti stopio cymrud cyffuriau You should stop taking drugs
Delet ti nofio You should swim
prynu buy
ga i can I
llachar shiny
nodwch note
cerdd/gerdd poem
hoffai... he/ she would like to...
Hoffai...? Would he/ she like to...?
debyg simmilar
dilyn follow(ing)
Created by: WelshPolyglot



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