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Examples of Fig. Lan


Angela Abigail Applewhite ate anchovies and artichokes. Alliteration
Shelly Sherman shivered in a sheer, short, shirt. Alliteration
Clever Clifford Cutter clumsily colsed the closet clasps. Alliteration
Walter Whipple warily warned the weary warrior. Alliteration
Bertha Bartholomew blew big, blue bubbles. Alliteration
Julie Jackson juggled the juicy, jiggly jello. Alliteration
Vicky Vine viewed a very valuable vase. Alliteration
Greta Gruber grabbed a group of green grapes. Alliteration
Ida Ivy identified the ivory iris. Alliteration
Milton Mallard mailed a mangled mango. Alliteration
He had to bite the bullet and get his shot. Idiom
The teacher told Joe to button his lip. Idiom
I will climb the walls if I don't get out of this small room soon. Idiom
He felt like a fish out of water at the art show. Idiom
Sue needs to hit the books if she wants to get a good grade on the test. Idiom
The new pair of shoes coast an arm and a leg. Idiom
She was dressed to the nines for the banquet where shoe would get an award. Idiom
The boy was all thumbs trying to tie the rope in a knot. Idiom
Dad will hit the roof when he finds out I had a car accident. Idiom
Before the performance, Lucy had butterflies in her stomach. Idiom
The dress was as colorful as a rainbow. Simile
My mouth felt as dry as dust. Simile
Stewart's parents were proud as a peacock that he got the lead role in the play. Simile
The old, worn scarf was as rough as sandpaper after all these years. Simile
The cat's fur is as black as ebony. Simile
After skipping breakfast, Andrew was as hungry as an ox. Simile
At the checkup, the doctor said Sam was as healthy as a horse. Simile
Even though this was Scott's first time playing basketball, he was playing like a pro. Simile
The repsonse from the boss was as clear as a bell so I knew what he wanted me to do. Simile
Carson's head is as hard as nails. Simile
Dad said that the used car he bought was a lemon. Metaphor
Tanya's baby is such an an angel because all she does is eat and sleep. Metaphor
The internet is an information highway where you can find out specifics on just about anything. Metaphor
Steve is the rock in the family no matter what crisis they are facing. Metaphor
Fred is a fool for thinking he will get rich with that scheme. Metaphor
The fog was a blanket covering the road. Metaphor
Let the man do his work because time is money. Metaphor
The teenagers were fish in the water, having grown up by a lake. Metaphor
Karen's hair is silk. Metaphor
Rich was a skunk after saying those terrible things. Metaphor
The clock goes ticktock. Onomatopoeia
The duck quacked at the bird. Onomatopoeia
The birds like to tweet outside my window. Onomatopoeia
I heard the bees buzz. Onomatopoeia
Don't beep that horn again. Onomatopoeia
The fireworks at the parade made a loud boom! Onomatopoeia
I love to hear my cat purr. Onomatopoeia
The fire crackled as it kept us warm. Onomatopoeia
I heard the tires screech as he tried to put on the brakes. Onomatopoeia
The steaks sizzled on the grill. Onomatopoeia
My dog is so ugly, fleas won't even live on him. Hyperbole
She's so old that she taught cavemen how to start a fire. Hyperbole
I have told you a million times to say thank you. Hyperbole
I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. Hyperbole
It's going to take a b'zillion years to get through school. Hyperbole
I had to walk 15 miles uphill in snow that was 5 feet deep. Hyperbole
If I don't get those jeans, I will die. Hyperbole
The whole world is staring at me. Hyperbole
It took forever to get the package in the mail. Hyperbole
I had a ton of homework. Hyperbole
The camera loves her. Personification
The wind whispered softly in the night. Personification
Lightning danced across the sky. Personification
Opportunity knocked at the door. Personification
The bed groaed as I got into it. Personification
The snow wrapped a white blanket over the city. Personification
The wind yelled whiled blowing. Personification
The carved pumpkin smiled at me. Personification
The stars winked at me. Personification
The plants were suffering in the heat. Personification
Created by: lisbon4thgrade
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