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Science LE regents

Living environment regents review

What is the DEPENDENT variable? The variable that is effected by the INdependent variable in order to test the hypothesis.
What is the INDEPENDENT variable? The variable that is changed by the researcher and effects the dependent variable.
What is the constant in a controlled study? The factors of a controlled study that remain the same in all trials.
What is the control group? (Controlled study) The group that is compared to the experimental group, considered the "standard conditions."
What is the experimental group? (Controlled study) The group experimented on in order to compare to the control group.
What is biology? The study of living things.
What is homeostasis? Maintaining balance internally despite a constantly changing external environment.
What is the purpose of the 8 life processes? To maintain life! (Homeostasis)
What is asexual? Having only one parent. (cell division)
What is sexual? Having two parents. (complex organisms)
When using a compound microscope, how is the image altered? It flips it and reverses it. ;)
What is magnification? Ratio of image size to the object size.
How is total magnification found? The ocular lens times the objective lens. (ocular x obj. = total mag.)
Which structure holds the microscope? The base.
Where is the slide placed on the microscope? The stage.
What holds the slide in place? Stage clips.
What holds the three objective lenses? The (Revolving) nosepiece.
What are the three objective lenses? Scan, low, and high.
What is course adjustment? Larger knob that raises and lowers the stage, used to focus on SCAN and LOW ONLY!!!
Why can't course adjustment be used on high power? The stage will damage the objective lens.
What is fine adjustment? Smaller knob that moves the stage (barely), used for final focusing, typically used for high power.
Which piece regulates light coming in? Diaphragm.
What is a meniscus and how is it read? The top of a beaker of water where it curves, read from the bottom.
What is the cell theory? - All cells come from pre-existing cells. - Cells are the basic structure of living things. - Cells are the basic function of living things.
What is prokaryotic? A cell with no organelles.
What is eukaryotic? A cell with organelles. (complex organisms)
What is a hypothesis? An educated inference made by researchers before conducting a controlled study.
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