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Final Science

Study Now To Help You with your finals!

What Is A Natural Resource? Any Resource That Come's From The Environment
What Is A Nonrenewable Resource? A Resource That Cant Be Replenished In A Short Amount Of Time
What Is A Fossil Fuel? Name 3 Fossil Fuels. A Fossil Fuel is A Energy rich Substances Made From Preserved Animals.3 Fossil Fuels Are Coal,Oil,And Natural Gas
What Is Nuclear Fission? The Splitting Of 2 Atoms
What Is A Renewable Resource? A Resource That Can Be Replenished In A Short Time
What Is The Meaning Of Renew? To Replace An Object
In Scientific Terms What Does Cost Mean? The Required Price Or Amount To Be Paid (In Consequences)To Obtain An Object
What Is The Meaning Of Ore? A Mineral Deposit Is Large Enough And Valuable Enough To Extract
What Does It Mean To Crystallize? When A Crystal Structure Is Formed And Forms A Mineral
What Is Distribution? To Be Spread Out
What Does It Mean When The Term Desalinate Is Used? The Process To D-Salt Oceans And Get Rid Of Minerals
What Is A Component? A Part
What Does It Mean TO Obtain An Object? To A Quire Secure Or Keep It
What Is Birth Rate And Death Rate? When 1000 Individuals Are Born In A Period Of Time.Death Rate Is The Direct Opposite
What Is Exponential Growth? A Rate Of Change That Increases Rapidly
What Is Pollution? A Contamination On Earths Land Or Water
What Is Overpopulation? When Their Are To Much Life Forms That Will Make It Difficult To Control Resources
What Is Conservation? To Save Up
What Is Sustainable Use? To Use Your Conservation Wisely
What Is Estimation? To Make An Approximate Amount
What Is Constraint? To Limit
What Is A Point Source?What Is An Example? A Point Source Is A Specific Source Of Pollution That Can Be Identified An Example Is Factories
What Is A Non Point Source?What Is An Example? A Source That Cant Be Identified An Example Is Litter In The Ocean
What Are Emissions? Pollutant That Are Released Into The Are
What Is Ozone? A Form Of Oxygen That Is Toxic To Humans
What Is Acid Rain? Other Forms Of Rain But Fore Acidic
What Is Primary? First In Rank
What Is Deforestation? When People Cut Large Amounts Of Trees In A Forest
What Is Erosion? A Process Where Ice Heat And More Weathers Rock Or Sand
What Is Desertification? Desert Like Conditions In An Area
What Is A Resource? A Source Of Aid Of Support
What Is Sewage? Human Waste That Are Flushed Down
What Is Sediment? Small Solid Pieces Of Rock
What Is Thermal Pollution? Pollution That Come From Factories
What Are advanced Weather Patterns? Climate
What Are Certain Types Of Gases In The Atmosphere? Green House Gases
What Are Sudden Drops Or Height Of Climate? Climate Change
What Are Gradual Height Of Climate? Global Warming
What Are Impacts Or Influences? Impact
Substances That Produce Tons Of Energy But Releases Pollutants? Fossil Fuels
What Are Unforeseen Events In A Chain? Cascade Effect
What Are Clean Energy Sources That Don't Come From Fossil Fuels? Alternative Energy
When Scientist Don't Agree? Argument
What Is A Body That Orbits A Planet? A Satellite (Or Moon)
What Is A Giant Ball Of Gas? A Star
What Is An Object That Orbits The Sun? A Planet
What Is A Streak Of Light Made From Rock? A Meteor
A Cold Mixture Of Dust And Ice That Has A Tail? A Comet
A Pattern Or Group Of Stars To Make An Object Or Figure? Constellation
What Is An Earth Centered Model? Geocentric
What Is A Sun Centered Model? Heliocentric
What Goes Into An Oval Shape? Elliptical
What is An Imaginary Line That Goes From North To South? Axis
What Is A Spinning Motion On Its Axis? Rotation
What Is The Movement Of A Object As It Revolves Around Space? Orbit
What Is The Movement Of An Object Around Another? Revolution
What Is It Called When The Sun Is Greatest To The North Or South? Solstice
What Is It Called When Neither Of The North Or South Is Facing The Sun? Equinox
What Is An Attractive Force Between Objects? Gravity
What Is A Universal Law That States Every Object In The Universe Attract To Each other? The Law Of Universal Gravitation
What Is It Called When The Tendency Of An Object? Inertia
What Is Similar To A Theory? Hypothesize
What is It Called When we See A Different Shape Of The Moon In The Sky? Phase
What Is A Partial Or Total Blocking Of The Earth? Eclipse
What Is The Na me Of The Darkest Part Of A Shadow? Umbra
What Is The Surrounding Part Of A Shadow ? Penumbra
What Is The Periodic Rise Of the Ocean Tide
What Is The Greatest Difference In The Tides? Spring Tides
What The Least Difference In The Tide? Neap Tide
When Their Is A Likely Influence Into A Affect? Significant
Galaxy A Group Of Single Stars
Universe All Of Space
Light Year 9.46 Km
Big Bang A Theory How The Universe Started
Apparent Brightness Light You Can Regularly
Absolute Brightness Light You Can't See
Supernova Explosion Of A Star
White Dwarf The Remaining Of A Star That Is Left Behind
Protostar The Beginning Stages Of A Star
Telescope An Instrument Used To Measure Electromagnetic Waves
Wave Length The Distance From One Wave To Another
Spectrum The Range Of Wave Length
Visible Light Light You Can See
Electromagnetic Energy Energy That Can Travel In Waves
Created by: ScienceWtrmsJr
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