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Phrasal Verb GET

Get along ладить Why can't you and your sister get along?
get something on надевать что-то Get your boots on if you are going out, it's raining heavily.
get on садиться в транспортное средство He got on the bus.
get on (well) with somebody ладить, находить общий язык They got on well together.
get away уезжать I’ll be getting away./ Get away from me.
Get away with уходить от наказания You won’t get away with the robbery.
Get back возвращаться When are they planning to get back?
Get by сводить концы с концами It's going to be hard to pay the rent now that you've lost your job, but somehow we'll get by.
Get down to приступать к Get down to work!
Get off выходить из транспорта When you get off the bus, cross the street.
Get out of покидать, выходить You'll have to get out of the car.
Get over выздоравливать, поправляться, преодолевать трудности, справиться; I'll get over it./My mother had a heart attack, but she got over it
Get through (to) связываться по телефону ou should get through to the manager.
Get up просыпаться You'll have to get up much earlier than usual tomorrow
get back together возобновить отношения We decided to get back together.
get into садиться в автомобиль (частный транспорт) We got in the car and went away.
get rid of избавиться от чего-то You must get rid of the habit of smoking
get together встречаться Let’s fix time to get together tomorrow
Get across разъяснять Alan is really intelligent but sometimes he has problems getting his ideas across.
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