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6th Grade Science

The Sun Water evaporates and falls back to Earth as rain or snow. What is the primary energy source that drives this cycle?
Bacteria Which living things in the pond system break down dead plants and animals?
Vines, palm trees, tree frogs, monkeys Which group of organisms would all be found living in a tropical rain forest?
Consumers Herbivores and carnivores have in common that they both are ___.
Habitat The environment in which an organism lives is called a ___.
Grassland This biome has some of the most rich and fertile soil in the world.
Parasites An organism that survives by living on or in another animal and feeding on that animal is called a(n) ___.
Organism Any living thing is an ___.
Living factors Biotic factors are ___.
Female Which pare of the flower is the pistil?
Stamen Which of the following is the male flower part?
Flowering What does the length of night or dark periods control in flowering plants?
Carbon Dioxide What gas do plants take in from the air for photosynthesis?
Carbon Dioxide and Water In most plants and animals, cellular respiration produces ___.
Transpiration The loss of water through stomata is called ___.
Dormancy While animals undergo hibernation during the winter, plants undergo ___.
Stems and Gravity What is an example of a plant and a stimulus that displays negative tropism?
Tree roots growing toward water What is an example of a plant and a stimulus that displays positive tropism?
Respiration What plant process produces water, carbon dioxide, and energy?
Glucose and Oxygen What are the products of photosynthesis?
Metal Which material is the best conductor of electricity?
Electromagnetic Waves Energy is transferred from the sun to Earth mainly by ___.
Convection The main method of heat transfer occurring within water is called ___.
Refraction The change in direction of a wave when it enters a new medium is called ___.
Mechanical Energy What kind of energy does a moving baseball have?
Electrical Energy What kind of energy is produced by generators at a dam?
Wood, water, or glass Which kinds of materials are best insulators of electricity?
Solar energy What is the primary source of energy on Earth?
Friction A car skids along the road and smoke appears to be coming from under the car tires. The heat that produces the smoke is cause by ___.
Heat Energy What form of energy causes an ice cube to melt?
Liquid to gas A pot of boiling water on the stove demonstrates what change of state?
Amplitude A person produces two sound waves, one is louder than the other. Which property is demonstrated?
Because it absorbs green light Why does a leaf of a plant look green?
Vibrations What do playing a guitar, banging a drum, and dropping a pebble in the water produce?
Wavelength What is the distance between two consecutive points in phase on a wave called?
Rarefractions Regions in a sound wave where particles are farthest apart are called ___.
Dimmer lights What would cause your pupils to change from small to large?
Refraction Light is bent as it passes from the air into the lens of eyeglasses. This bending is called ___.
Colors Different wavelengths of light are seen as different ___.
Solid In which phase would sound waves move the fastest?
Vibrations The human ear receives sound waves as ___ and converts them into signals that are processed by the brain.
Cochlea What part of the ear is damaged when a part of the ear stops sending messages to the brain?
Sound waves What is produced when a rubber band is stretched across a box and let go?
Frequency A tone that is lower in pitch is lower in what other characteristic?
Wavelength How are waves classified on the electromagnetic spectrum?
Solid What substance has a definite shape and definite volume?
Mass and Volume Density depends on ___.
Physical Mass is a ___ property.
Boiling The temperature at which a liquid becomes a gas is the ___ point.
Compounds All atoms of the same ___ have the same properties.
Gas In what phase of matter are the molecules of a substance farthest apart from each other?
Liquids Substances that have a definite volume but can take on many different shapes are known as ___.
Atoms The building blocks of matter.
Space and Mass Matter takes up ___.
Mass What property changes if the size of an object changes?
Weathering The breaking down of substances, physically or chemically, on Earth's surface.
Erosion The moving of sediment and substances on Earth's surface.
Crust What layer of Earth is divided into plates?
Mantle The thickest layer of the Earth
Inner Core A solid ball of nickel and iron at Earth's center.
Outer Core The liquid layer of Earth
Igneous Rocks made from the cooling of lava or magma
Sedimentary Rocks made from the compression and cementation of tiny particles of rock.
Metamorphic Rocks made from intense heat and pressure.
Mechanical weathering Ice breaking open cracks in the sidewalk is an example of ___.
Chemical weathering The rusting of metal is an example of ___.
Magma The molten rock that is below Earth's surface.
Lava Molten rock that has reached Earth's surface.
Fault An earthquake is related to a crack in the crust.
Focus The point beneath Earth's surface where rock breaks under stress and triggers an earthquake is called the ___.
P Waves The type of seismic waves that arrive at the surface first and move by compressing and expanding the ground like an accordion is called ___.
Wind During a severe drought, what can cause the most erosion on a farm?
Worms What can help fix a soil creating good-quality soil?
O Horizon What layer of soil usually contains humus?
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