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Japanese Notes

yopparai Hungover
ginko bank
jidosha car
jitensha bicycle
hikoki airplane
takusan large amount, lots
sukoshi small amount, few
tsuyoi strong
yowai weak
suppai sour
amai sweet
karai spicy-hot
shoppai salty
chiisai small
okii large
astui hot
samui cold (weather, how one feels)
tsumetai cold (temperature, frigid temp)
buta niku pork
tori niku fowl, chicken
chikin chicken
nori sheet seaweed
oshinko pickles
aji no moto monosodium glutamate
shokudo cafeteria, dining room
yasai itame stir-fry vegetables
irasshaimase A greeting to customers as they enter the store
o-kanjo o kudasai Please give me the bill
a-aiso o kudasai Please give me the bill (used in resteraunts and bars)
pan o mo sukoshi kudasai Please give me a little more bread
ippai ni narimashita! I'm full (Only after a meal)
sumimasen kedo Excuse me, but...
tai desu - verb ending want to do
Nihon e ikitai desu I want to go to Japan.
no Possessive particle
Anata no jidosha Your car
watashi no jitensha my bicycle
dare no hon whose book
kara from
tomodachi wa, canada kara kimashita My friend came from Canada.
Created by: Marain21