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Unit 5 Vocabulary

Antonym a word that means the opposite or nearly the opposite of another word
Compound Word a word formed by two or more words that has a single meaning
Closed Compound Word written as a single word with no hyphen
Open Compound Word written as separate words but has a single meaning
Decoding applying knowledge of letter-sound relationships in order to sound out a word; in reading practice, the term is used primarily to refer to word identification rather than word comprehension
Drawing Conclusions a form of inference in which the reader gathers information, considers the general thoughts or ideas that emerge from the information and comes to a decision; the conclusion is generally based on more than one piece of information
Editing a stage in the writing process when a written text is prepared for an audience by attending to and correcting mechanics, grammar, and spelling
Evaluate to judge or determine the significance, worth, or quality of something
Evidence specific details or facts that support an inference or idea
Final Stable Syllable a syllable that occurs in the final position of a word and has an unexpected but reliable pronunciation
Inference a logical guess made by connecting bits of information
Inquiry an act of searching for information or knowledge about a particular subject or topic
Multisyllabic Word a word having more than one syllable
R-Controlled Syllable a vowel that is followed by the consonant r, such that its pronunciation is influenced by the /r/ and is neither a long or short vowel sound
Revising a stage in the writing process where changes are made to improve the message for an audience
Suffix one or more sounds or letters placed after a root word or base word that changes the meaning of the word
Syllable a unit of pronunciation having one vowel sound
Synonym a word that means the same or nearly the same as another word
Synthesize to combine elements and parts to form a coherent whole
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