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Unit 2 Vocabulary

Alphabetize to arrange words in alphabetical order
Brainstorm a technique in which many ideas are generated quickly and without judgment or evaluation, usually as part of a problem-solving process or to inspire creative thinking. Brainstorming may be done in a classroom, with a small group, or individually.
Context the words, sentences, or passages that precede or follow a specific word, sentence, or passage
Decoding applying knowledge of letter-sound relationships in order to sound out a word; in reading practice, the term is used primarily to refer to word identification rather than word comprehension
Dictionary a resource with a broad range of alphabetized words that provides word meanings, origins, pronunciations, and/or usages
Editing a stage in the writing process when a written text is prepared for an audience by attending to and correcting mechanics, grammar, and spelling
Guide Word a word at the top of a dictionary (or other resource) page that indicates the first or last word listed on that page
Inflectional Ending letters that combine with a base word to express tense, number, mood, or person
Phonemic Awareness the ability to identify, distinguish, and manipulate the individual sounds (phonemes) and/or syllables in words
Phonics a method of reading instruction that helps students build understanding of sound–symbol relationships and spelling patterns
Phonological Awareness an “umbrella” term that is used to refer to a student’s sensitivity to the sound structure in language. It encompasses awareness of individual words in sentences, syllables, and onset-rime segments, as well as awareness of individual phonemes
Phoneme the smallest unit of sound in speech
Syllable a unit of pronunciation having one vowel sound
Retell to tell about something read or heard with attention to details and sequence
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