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Session 2 Microbio2c

Microbio -2c- Bacterial Genetics

What is the complete set of genetic information of an organism called genome
In replication the fact that each new cell ends up with a complete strand from the parent DNA is called what Semiconservative replication
What direction is DNA replicated 5'to3'
What direction is DNA read for replication 3'to 5'
What is the first step in transcription RNA polymerase recognizes promoter region on DNA
Which subunit of RNA polymerase recognizes the promoter region on DNA Sigma Factor
What are the steps to transcription initiation, elongation, termination
What is the structure in the RNA chain that the terminator encodes for Hairpin loop
What is translation reading of mRNA to make a protein
What are the components needed for translation mRNA, ribosomes, tRNAs
What is the region on tRNA called that is complementary to the matching region on the mRNA anticodon
What type of gene transfer are bacteria capable of that humans are not where genes are exchanged between bacteria and not only progeny horizontal gene transfer
What are the three mechanisms for genetic transfer in bacteria DNA-mediated transformation- naked DNA transfered Transduction-transfer completed via virus conjugation- DNA transfered by direct contact between cells
Where does the naked DNA for transformation come from ruptured cells
What is electroporation process by which competency (ability to uptake naked DNA) can be artificially induced
what is the virus that infects bacteria called bacteriaphage
what is the process by which viruses can transfer DNA between bacteria cells is called transduction
What is generally transferred between bacterial cells in conjugation Plasmids
Which cell is the F+ cell the cell that transferred the F plasmid to the other
what does bacteriostatic mean inhibits growth
what does bactericidal mean kills microorganism
What are the two spectrums of acivity of antimicrobial drugs narrow and broad spectrum
What does selective toxicity refer to antimicrobial that only harms prokaryotes not human cells
HOw do penicillin and cephalosporin stop bacterial growth stop cell wall synthesis
what is the chemical structuer of penicillin and cephalosporins called that inhibits cell wall growth beta-lactam ring
drugs that inhibit protein synthesis and are bacteriostatic tetracyclins, macrolides, lincosamides, chloramphenicol,
drug that inhibits protein synthesis and is bactericidal aminoglycosides
how are fluoroquinolones antimicrobials they inhibit topoisomerases which means bacteria can't remove supercoils formed during replication
What type of antimicrobial drug is ciprofloxacin fluoroquinolone that inhibits topoisomerases
what drug inhibits RNA polymerase from initiating transcription, rifamycins such as rifampin
What drug apart from treating gram + and - can also target mycobacterium rifamycins(rifampin) can treat leprosy and TB
Drug that breaks down cell membrane can only be used topically because it can affect eukaryotic cells as well- common ingredient in first aid skin ointments Polymyxin B
What is the test for bacterial resistance to antibiotics kiryb bauer disc diffusion test
Created by: smaxsmith