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3% man

become better person

woman love pg 2 Mystery, own man, and confident without fear.
woman want an man pg2 she cant have her way with and no matter what she say or does to sway him off his purpose in life ( stay focus )
masculine energy is about pg2 Purpose, drive, mission, succeeding , accomplishing , breaking through barriers, achieving goals.
women tend to be driven by pg 4 emotion and connection
Feminine energy pg 4 is opening up to receive love, bonding, connection.
you must treat all women pg 5 same
Don't put her on pg 5 pedestal
don't over purse (chase) Don't call more than twice 2 text more then twice 2 no response drop and move on.
Lower her attraction pg 7 harder it going to be to achieve her.
Man such act like pg 7 leader and gently lead the interaction to where he want it to go.
purpose of date is to create pg 7 fun filled, romantic opportunity for sex to happen.
Biologically men and women pg 7 driven to mate with the most dominant member of the opposite sex.
Attractive and healthy bodies are pg 7 indicative of people with strong genes who will produce strong offspring that can survive to adulthood and reproduce.
woman test pg 7 If they push you or lean on you ( reaction test ) don't react to everything. stay strong and center( like you don't care self control)
Courtship Never end
if a women emotion are not engaged pg 13 it will always be fruitless
if girl ask you out pg 15 high attraction
treat women like pg 16 lover not friend
woman are more attract to men pg17 whose feeling are unclear
nice guy don't pg 17 make move )if not she will move on to friend-zone).
what you fear pg 23 you attract
Don't be pg 38 available( have your on life )
any relationship is about pg 29 giving
learn to pg 34 listen and repeat ask questions
made firm commitment pg 35 date then left it.
quickest way to get someone attention pg 36 walk away ( remove Your)
if women play with you pg 36 then she will walk over you
Don't be scare to pg 37 walk away
women like an guy who has option with other pg 38 women ( but make her feel special )
woman are very pg 39 competitive in that respect
They are challenged
She want you some way
Women will chase you pg 43 IF YOU give her space to miss you
If woman is chasing you pg 43 She not replacing you...
70-80% of talking pg 72
Listen to what she say and repeat...
It scientific fact that women are more attracted to me pg 74
Cats Let her go if you go after her you will scare her but if don’t she will comeback...
Created by: uaptcsteve
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