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Evolution Test

Stack for the Evolution Test

The sickle cell mutation: affects both the structure and function of a red blood cell.
Which of the following organisms have existed on earth for the longest period of time? single-celled organisms
Green moths have a brown offspring. The brown moths are usually seen more quickly by the birds and eaten sooner.Imagine that increased pollution caused the pine trees in the forest to be heavily covered with brown particles. What is likely to happen? The brown moths would be less likely to be eaten by the birds. Over time, the moth population would have more brown moths.
Which of the following statements is false? Organisms have evolved only over the last few hundred years.
Variation in a heritable trait between individuals in a population is caused by: randomly occurring mutations
Which of the following could describe a mutation in the population? Hornless cows have horned offspring.
More and more bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. This is an example of which of the following? Evolution by natural selection
A population of birds eat the green moths that live in a large pine forest. Every so often, the green moths have a brown offspring. The brown moths are usually seen more quickly by the birds and eaten sooner. The green moths survive in the forest because: their coloring makes them better adapted than the brown moths.
A female giraffe with a short neck is having a difficult time reaching the leaves in the taller trees. According to the theory of natural selection, which of the following is possible? The giraffe survives on leaves from shorter trees. Her offspring with longer necks are more likely to survive
Which of the following provides evidence that whales evolved from land mammals? Whale embryos have hind limbs.
Which statement is true about the number of insect and mammal species? There are more species of insects than mammals.
An equal number of green and brown moths are introduced to a nearby forest where there are no birds. There is a bat that feeds on moths. The bat uses sound to locate the moths. What do you expect to happen to the color of the moths in the population. Brown and green moths will be eaten around the same amount, causing no specific color to increase or decrease.
The mutation that results in the sickle cell trait: is helpful in some environments and harmful in others.
Which of the following statements is false? Humans have had no effect on the evolution of organisms on earth.
Which of the following provide evidence for evolutionary relationships? All: Fossils, Living Creatures and Embryos
Which of the following lists organisms from youngest to oldest? mammals, fish, bacteria
According to evidence from paleontologists and geologists, the earth is: billions of years old
Created by: Newtmas34