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Microbes Drills

1. Pathogens can be _____________, _____________, ________________, or ________________. viruses, fungus, protists, or bacteria
2. _________________ are prokaryotic organisms. bacteria
3. ________________ must have host to replicate. virus
4. ___________________ are organisms that have a nucleus. (eukaryotes or prokaryotes) eukaryotes
5. ____________________ are used to digest bad microorganisms in the secondary part of the water treatment plant. bacteria
6. ______________ is the genetic material that is necessary for all cells to function. DNA
7. ____________________ is not considered an organism because they are not made of cells. virus
8. ______________ are organisms that do Not have a nucleus. (eukaryotes or prokaryotes) prokaryotes
9. There are more ______________ bacteria than ______________ bacteria. (put in correct order: bad, good). good, bad
10. _____________ is the pathogen that causes athlete’s foot and thrush. fungus
11. Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Flies can all be examples of _________________. vectors
12. A _________________ (bacteria, virus, or protist) inside of mosquitoes can cause Malaria. protist (Plasmodium)
13. A __________________ (bacteria, virus, or protist) inside of ticks can cause Lyme Disease. bacteria
14. A _________________(bacteria, virus, or protist) inside of flies can cause African Sleeping Sickness. protist (Trypanosoma)
15. A ________________________ (bacteria, virus, or protist) found can cause stomach cramps if infested lake water is swallowed. protist (amoeba)
16. Streptococcus (strep throat) is an example of a __________________. (bacteria, virus, or protist) bacteria
17. The common cold or flu is caused by a __________________.(bacteria, virus, or protist) virus
18. Sometimes when antibiotics are misused or overused, bacteria no longer respond and continue to grow and invade the body. This is called ______________________. antibiotic resistance
19. Fungus and Protists are _____________________ (eukaryotic or prokaryotic). eukaryotic
20. _______________________ is the organelle that stores DNA in Eukaryotic cells. nucleus
21. ______________________ is used to make yogurt and cheese (bacteria, virus, or protist). bacteria
22. Antibiotics are not useful for illnesses caused by _____________________. However vaccinations are important for preventing these kind of illnesses. virus
23. Bacteria and Viruses are alike because they both have _________________. DNA
24. ________________ are neither prokaryotes or eukaryotes. viruses
25. ________________ are part of the nitrogen cycle. bacteria
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