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5-20 Drills

1. Organisms that make their own food are called __________________ producers
2. Frogs, insects, pandas, and people are all examples of _______________ factors. (abiotic or biotic) biotic
3. The relationship between living and nonliving things is called ________________. ecosystem
4. A group of the same species living at the same time and same place is called ___________________. population
5. This type of marine organism is microscopic and free floating in the ocean. algae (and phytoplankton)
6. This is a symbiotic relationship where one organism benefits and the other one is harmed. parasitism
7. This part of the ocean is considered the ocean floor. benthic zone
8. This is the part of the ocean that meets land. intertidal zone
9. This is the way that producers make their own food. photosynthesis
10. This kind of worm lives on the bottom of the ocean floor at hydrothermal vents. tubeworm
11. The maximum population an ecosystem can hold is called _______________. carrying capacity
12. The ___________ is the starting source of energy in a food chain. Sun
13. _______________ are microscopic algae and are the biggest producers of the ocean. phytoplankton
14. This describes a close relationship between 2 different species (relationship can be positive or negative). symbiosis
15. ____________________ is when organisms like the bacteria in tubeworms use chemicals and make energy. chemosynthesis
16. _______________________ are organisms that get their food from breaking plants, animals, and waste material. decomposers
17. Energy is (lost or gained) as you move up the food chain. lost
18. This type of symbiotic relationship is when both organisms benefit. mutualism
19. This kind of relationship is when one is helped and the other is neither helped nor harmed. commensalism
20. ________________ is the best way to separate salt from water. evaporation
21. ________________ is the best way to separate sand from water. filtration
22. _______________ is the best way to separate the vegetables in a salad. sifting
23. A salad is considered a _________________ (heterogeneous or homogeneous) mixture. heterogenous
24. Kool-aid and water is considered a __________________(heterogeneous or homogeneous) mixture. homogeneous
25. Compounds combine ___________________ (chemically or physically). chemically
26. This is a behavior where organisms work together. cooperation (co-existance)
27. Food, water, and shelter are all examples of ___________________. limiting factors
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