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Friendly Bio. Ch 16

Vocabulary Terminology for Chapter 16 in Friendly Biology

Question or TermAnswer or Definition
Order Primates Monkeys, lemurs, gibbons, orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas, humans
Order Perissodactyla Horses, donkeys, rhinos
Order Pinnipedia Seals, walruses
Order Lagomorpha Includes rabbits, hares, & the pikas
Order Proboscidae Elephants
Order Artiodactyla Include the cattle, sheep, deer, giraffe
Order Sirenia Members of this order include the manatees
Order Carnivora Meat-eaters: foxes, wolves, dogs, cats
Order Cetacea Includes whales, porpoises, & dolphins
Order Monotremata Included the egg-laying mammals: platypus and echidna
Order Rodentia Rats, mice, squirrels
Order Chelonia Order include turtles & tortoises
Class Mammalia Warm-blooded, milk-producing, hairy animals
Order Innsectivoora Moles & shrews
Order Urodela Newts & salamanders
Order Crocodilia Includes crocodiles & alligators
Order Chiroptera flying mammals & bats
Order Squamata Snakes & lizards
Order Edentata Peg-like teeth armadillo and sloth
Order Rhynchocephalia Tuatara of New Zealand
Class Reptilia Covered with scales, only have lungs, internal fertilization
Class Aves Class includes all birds
Class Agnatha No-jawed fish; lamprey and hagfish
Order Apoda Amphibians with no legs, blind worms
Class Amphibia Aquatic at some point in their lives and then become terrestrial
Order Anura Amphibians with no tail, frogs, toads
Class Osteichthyes Fishes that have bony skeletons
Order Trachystoma Rough-mouthed amphibians
Class Chondrichthyes Sharks, rays, and skates
Subphylum Cephalochordata Lancelets
Phylum chordate Phylum of animals possessing a notochord,
Order Marsupials Pouch-possessing mammals
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