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Friendly Bio. Ch 15

Vocabulary Terminology for Chapter 15 in Friendly Biology

Question or TermAnswer or Definition
Kingdom Animalia includes any animal
Tapeworms are a member of what class Class Cestoda
which phylum is characterized by having namatocysts Phylum Cnidaria
Flukes are a member of what class Class Trematoda
Segmented worms are included in what Phylum Phylum Annelida
Snails belong to which class Class Gastropoda
Animals with segmented bodies and 6 legs belong to Class Insecta
A Black Widow Spider is classified in Class Arachnida
Phylum Arthropoda would include the jointed appendages or legs
Phylum Chordata includdes all animals with backbones or spines
Phylum Platyhelminthes includes flatworms
Phylum porifera includes Sponges
Class Scyphozoa includes True jellyfish
Sea Anemones belong in this class Class Anthozoa
Rotifera have a little crown of twirling cilia
Comb jellyfish belong to this phylum Phylum Ctenophora
Spiny Headed Worms belong to Phylum Acanthocephala
Moss animals belong to Phylum Bryozoa
Phylum Brachiopoda have an upper and lower shell
Phylum that has a mantle which creates a shell Phylum Mollusca
Clams, oysters, scallops are included in Class Bivalvia
Squid & octopus are members of Class Cephalopoda
Shell made of eight valves known as plates Chitons
Two pairs of antennae & ten legs members of subPhylum Crustacea
Centipedes are members of Class Chilopoda
Insects Class Insecta
Millipedes Class Diplopoda
Pentaradially Symmetrical Phylum Echinodermata
Acorn Worms Phylum Hemichordata
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