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vocab byu part 1-2

byu latin vocab part 1, 2

locus place
otium leisure
pretium price
studium eagerness, interest
terminus end, boundary
commodus suitable, convenient
varius changing
dico say, tell
duco lead draw
efficio make, bring about
fugio run away, flee
lego collect, gather, pick, read
valeo be strong, be well
ita so
grammaticus school teacher
liber book
schola school
verbum word
firmus strong, firm
miser poor, wretched
perpetuus constant
tardus late, slow
afficio affect, afflict with
audio hear
contineo hold, contain
traho draw, drag
ludus school
poeta poet
sententia saying, motto, feeling
medius middle
reliquus remaining
amitto lose, let go, send away
convenio come together
convoco call together
reduco lead back
supero conquer, excel
prope near
sine without
quondam once (upon a time)
finitimus neighbor
ira anger
proelium battle
somnus sleep
finitimus, a, um neighboring
pauci a few, few
commito join together, commit, entrust
moneo warn, advise
pervenio arrive
propero hasten
scio know
aut or
aut...aut either...or
dux leader, general
homo man
lex law
miles soldier
pax peace
salus health, safety
clamo shout, cry out
premo press
rogo ask for
sustineo hold up, maintain, withstand
vulnero wound
neque...neque neither...nor
caelum sky
campus field
periculum danger
natura nature
praesidium guard, protection
ventus wind
paratus ready, prepared
dubito hesitate
spero hope
sub under, motion
amor love
frater brother
mater mother
pater father
soror sister
egregius excellent, distinguished
notus known
credo believe
exploro explore
narro tell, relate
ego I
tu you
nos we
vos you
ea she
is he
integer untouched, fresh
cupio desire, wish
dimitto let go, send away
intericio kill
respondeo answer
inimicus enemy
ramus branch
rex king
aureus golden
inimicus (adj) unfriendly, hostile
absum be away, be absent
adsum be near, be present
educo lead out
nosco learn, know
procedo for forward, advance
produco lead out
retineo hold back, keep
iam already, now
fabula story
porta gate
pius loyal
vivus alive, living
discedo go away, depart
iubeo order
recipio take back, recover
redigo drive back, reduce
removeo remove
saluto greet
non iam no longer
ubi when
extra outside, beyond
beneficium kindness, benefit
exemplum example
virtus courage
vox voice
primus first
permitto allow, permit
propono put forward, offer
remaneo remain stay
suscipio undertake
per through
diligentia diligence
lapis stone
libertas freedom, liberty
lux light
pictura pictures
ruina downfall, collapse, pl.=ruins
statua statue
qui, quae, quod who, which, that
colo worship, cultivate
do give
submitto let down, furnish
itaque and so, and as a result
inter between, among
ob because of, on account of
aestas summer
arena arena, sand, desert
autumnus autumn, fall
gladiator gladiator
hiems winter
mundus world
pompa parade, procession
theatrum theater
ver spring
cogo collect, compel
conservo save, preserve
intermitto stop, interrupt
obtineo hold, obtain
permoveo move (deeply)
sto stand
nam for
avus grandfather
modus manner
pes foot
regnum kingdom, royal power
saxum rock
superbia arrogance, pride
mutatus changed
superbus haughty, proud
relinquo leave behind
remaneo remain
tamen nevertheless
caput head
celeritas speed, swiftness
corpus body
flumen river
nomen name
tempus time
vulnus wound
sanus sound, sane
congosco learn, know
plico fold
ante before
bene well
fortasse perhaps
ac and (just atque but shorter)
factum deed
fuga flight
spatium space, time
certus fixed, sure
paratus ready
timidus shy
ultimus farthest
adduco lead to
antecedo go before
cerno dicern, see
commoveo disturb
consulo consult
provideo foresee
puto think
traduco lead accross
transporto transport
herba herb, plant
impedimentum hinderance
nihil nothing
saccus sack
aperio open, uncover
expedio set free
impedio hinder
ligo blind
verto turn
vinco conquer
carmen song
cera wax
clamor noise
ordo order, rank
pila ball
alius other, another
alter the other, the second
neuter neither
nullus not any
solus only
ullus any
uter which
cano sing
claudo close
frango break, shatter
iacio throw, hurl
lavo wash
civis citizen
civitas citizenship
cupiditas disire
finis end, border
hostis enemy
iter journey, road
labor work
mare sea
mons mountain
navis ship
pastor shepherd
uxor wife
vestis garment
conficio complete, exhaust
texo weave
canis dog
gaudium joy, gladness
ius right
libertas freedom
maritus husband
celer swift
facilis easy
fortis strong, brave
omnis all, every
par equal
sordidus dirty
rideo laugh
tendo stretch
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