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3A Elevate Science

Topic 3 Human Body Systems Lesson 1 Body Organization

How do the Digestive and Circulatory Systems work together? they work together to help cells get the energy they need to function
How do the Nervous, Skeletal and Muscular Systems work together? they work together to help you move
Each system is made up of smaller parts called what? cells
What are organs? a group of tissues working together
What are organ systems? a group of organs working together
What are the 2 control systems? the Nervous system and the Endocrine system
What is the Nervous System? it uses the brain, spinal cord and nerves to control your body by sending nerve impulses
What is the Endocrine System? a collection fo glands that produce hormones
What is the function (job) of the Endocrine System? to control energy level, body temperature, digestion, growth and moods
Name the 3 structural systems. the Skeletal System; the Muscular System; the Integumentary System
What do the 3 structural systems do together? skin is attached to muscle, anchored to bones; altogether they provide your shape and allow you to move
What is the Skeletal System? bones and connective tissue work to support and protect your body, to make blood cells and to store minerals
What is the Muscular System? it is made of muscle to control movements and to help you stand upright; it also allows you to breathe an dmove food and blood throughout the bosy
What is the Integumentary System? it is skin, hair and nails; they protect your body from outside damage, keep skin waterproof and regulate temperature
Name the 2 oxygen and transport systems. the Respiratory System; the Circulatory System
What does the Respiratory system do? it brings in oxygen, removes carbon dioxide (gasses diffuse between th ebloodstream and lungs)
What does the Circulatory system do? it carries oxygen, nutrients, wastes and disease fighting cells all over the body
Name the 2 food and processing systems. the Digestive System; The Excretory System
What does the Digestive system do? it helps useful substances from food pass thorugh the intestine's walls, and into the bloodstream
What does the Excretory system do? kidneys, sweat glands and lungs release wastes from the body; the liver breaks down toxins so that the kidneys can pull them out of your blood
Name the defense system. the Immune System
What does the Immune System do? lymph nodes and vessels trap bacteria and viruses; white blood cells destroy bacteria and other pathogens
What does the Reproductive System do? in males- creates sperm cells; in females- creates eggs cells and nurtures a fetus until birth
Created by: carlsond