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Behavioral Science

A baby is considered premature when the gestation was less than 34 weeks or weight was less than 2.5kg at birth
What is pseudocyesis ? this imaginary pregnancy that is caused by the intense desire to become pregnant, which may be due to infertility or repeated miscarriages.
Premature births, which are associated with ? low income, maternal illness or malnutrition, and young maternal age,
when is APGAR Score supposed to be evaluated 1- 5 mins after birth
A score less than 4 means imminent survival threat
A Apgar scare more than 7 means no imminent survival threat
What is baby blue/ postpartum blue ? Emotional reaction experienced by pregnant women within days of delivery results from psychological factors ( emotional stress of childbirth, the feelings of added responsibility), and physiological factors (e.g., changes in hormone levels, fatigue).
Major depressive episode ? Onset 4 weeks after delivery & lasts up to 1 year without treatment and 3-6 weeks with treatment . Can be treated with antidepressant and antipsychotic medications
postpartum psychotic more serious reactions than postpartum blues and lasts up to 1 month Can be treated with antidepressant and antipsychotic medications
When a child is separated from mother btw 6 - 12 months, it could cause loud protest from the child ultimately leading to ? Anaclitic depression
Babinski reflex is present in a child older thank 2 years old or adult is a sign of Brain or nervous system disorder.
what reflex should disappear at 4 months Starle (Moro) reflex
what reflex should disappear at 3 months Rooting & sucking reflexes
what reflex should disappear at 2 months Palmar grasp
Sits unassisted and forms attachment to primary caregiver at what months 4-6 months
Shows stranger anxiety, Responds to own name & Responds to simple instructions 7 - 11 months
Walks unassisted, Shows separation anxiety, Says first words 12 - 15 months
Transfers toys from hand to hand 10 months
Uses about 10 individual words & Says own name 18 months
Stacks three blocks Climbs stairs one foot at a time 18 months
Stacks six Uses about 250 words Speaks in two-word sentences and uses pronouns Names body parts and objects 2 years
Rides a tricycle, Stacks nine blocks, Uses about 900 words in speech Understands about 3,500 words, Copies a circle, rides a tricycle 3 years
Begins to play cooperatively with other children, Grooms self , Copies a cross 4 years
Copies a square, Overconcerned about physical injury at 4–5 yrs of age 5 years
Rides a two-wheeled bicycle, Copies a triangle, Begins to develop an internalized moral sense of right and wrong 6 years
The WHO period of adolescence is btw 10 - 19 years
What can cause early menarche ? Obesity
Created by: Dammy