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Med Surg 2 Immune

Final Review

5 Types of WBC Neutrophil, Lymphocyte, monocyte, eosinophil, basophil
what is cell mediated response cell to cell combat with bacteria, involves T cells
what is humoral response involves B cells and complement system, associated with antibodies w/ viruses
two types of B cells plasma cells, memory cells
job of plasma cell produce antibodies
job of memory cell memorize an antigen or foreign substances in the body- when activated they accumulate in the lymph tissue (swollen lympnodes)
3 types of T cells helper T, cytotoxic T, suppressor T
job of helper T cell (CD4) fight infection, stimulates antibodies
job of suppressor T cell turns off immune system response when antigen is eliminated
job of cytotoxic T cell (killer T) combats directly with antigen, stims cytokines, promote T&B cell maturation
describe the complement system proteins coat an antigen that makes it detectable by phagocytes, antigen goes through lysis
basophils are responsible for what response allergic response- stores and releases histamine
eosinophls are responsible for what response calming down an allergic response
two types of phagocytes monocytes, neutrophils
name lymph tissues in the body thymus, tonsils/adenoids, spleen, lymph nodes
function of thymus mature T cells
function of spleen filter bacteria and old, damaged RBC
function of lymph nodes filter lymph
NK cells- natural killer 2nd line of defense-virus and cancer cells, react fast but no memory of antigen
5 types of antibodies IgA, IgE, IgD, IgG, IgM
2 cytokines interleukins, interferons
interleukins do what promote fever and inflammation- grow and activate NK cell
interferons do what protect from viral invasion, slows viral growth, stim NK activity
ex. direct infection immunity Natural Aquired Active
ex. immunization immunity Artificially Acquired Active
ex. mother to newborn, breastmilk immunity Naturally Acquired Passive
ex. ready-made antibodies, injected Artificially Acquired Passive
what is sensitization first exposure to an allergen
Types of Immediate Hypersenstivity Anaphylactic, Cytotoxic, Immune Complex, Delayed
What happens in Anaphylactic sensitivity minutes onset, vasodilation, angioedema, hypotension, WHEEZING
what happens in cytotoxic sensitivity (ABO incompatibility) minutes to hours onset, FLANK PAIN, hematuria, fever, chills, impending doom
what happens in immune complex sensitivity within 6 hours, inflammatory reactions... Lupus
what happens in delayed sensitivity hours to days onset, no antibody production, unexplained fever, anemia- ex. TB skin test, organ rejection
what medication is administered during anaphylaxis epi- mast cells
scratch test skin scraped and multiple liquid antigen on skin- results in 20 min
patch test one substance with occlusive dressing- results in 48 hour
main side effect of diphenhyrdamine drowsiness, dry mouth
what is a contraindication of anithistamine hx of LR d/o (COPD)- can make it difficult to expectorate
what is an autoimmune d/o killer T and autoantibodies attack "self" cells
Lupus is a AI of what part of the body connective tissue
Lupus symptoms BUTTERFLY RASH, joint swelling, Raynaud's
Diagnostic test for Lupus Antinuclear Antibody Titer (ANA)- should be - but 90% of lupus pt are +
Created by: torrieb3
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