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Earth and science

what are the two major concepts to identify climate ? temperature and precipitation
what is a climate over a small area? micro-climate
where on the world of global winds does air sink towards the earth? subtropical high
name one natural way where climate gets changed? tilt of the earth
what is the natural wind changes in south Asia that brings heavy precipitation? monsoon
climate that has cold winters and warm summers (10 and 17 degrees) mid-latitude climate
differences in the heat capacity water takes a lot of energy to heat up big body of water stays colder and a low body of water get hotter faster
the three orbital changes 1. the wabbly how the earth's tilt wabbles or not. 2.the precipitation theorbit around the sun.
how humans affect climate change releasing carbon and becoming more energy effishents
fossil fuels affect climate and environment increasing the greenhouse effect and global warming. air pollution and lead to serious accidents and spills.
Created by: mykala daniels