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Geography Final

Dark soil that runs across is called what? Black Belt
What region of Kentucky has fertile soil and is known for their horses The bluegrass region
What is a steep cliff that overlooks a river and is prime nesting area for bald eagles? Bluff
Which state can you find the geyser Old Faithful in? Wyoming
Where do the four corners meet? Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico
What chain of islands is off the coast of Alaska? Aleutians
What is the site of Mormon settlers? Utah
How much of Nebraska is farmland? 93%
What does Oklahoma mean? Red man
What is only found in Nebraska? A Unicameral
What is fertile soil found in Western Ohio? Drift
What are rolling plains covered with high grass in the midwest? Till Plains
What is the only state with shoreline on 4 of the 5 great lakes Michigan
What is iron ore rich area in Minnesota? Mesabi Range
What is the Coastal region of Virginia? Tidewater
What is the southernmost location of the US? Key West
What is the Largest state in the south? Texas
What is the Largest state in New England? Maine
Which state is Wilmington, the chemical capital of the world found in? Delaware
Where are the Green Mountains located? Vermont
Where are the White Mountains located? New Hampshire
Where are the Everglades located? Florida
Where are the Ozark Mountains located? Arkansas
True or False: Tidewater is the area between the Delmarva peninsula and the midland False
True or False: The Delmarva Peninsula contains Delaware, Maine, and Virginia False
True or False: A wooded boggy region known as Pine Barrens and small farms known as Truck Farms can both be found in New Jersey True
True or False: The Timber line is a frigid area where only small scrub trees grow False
True or False: The Sonoran Desert is the name of the vast dessert that runs through Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado True
True or False: The great salt lake is the largest lake west of the Mississippi and can be found in Utah True
What do Haiti and the Dominican Republic Share? Island of Hispaniola
What is notorious for pirates and between British and Spanish control? Island of Jamaica
What island's capital is Havanna? Island of Cuba
What is a commonwealth of the United States? Island of Puerto Rico
What is a commonwealth of the United Kingdoms? Belize
What is called the Coral Islands? Bahamas
What are mountainous islands? Antilles
What is between the Sierra Madre ranges located in Mexico and dry year-round? Northern Plateau
What is the Grand Canyon of Mexico and located in the Sierra Madre Occidentals? Copper
What are the Western Mexican Mountains called? The Sierra Madre Occidental
What are the Eastern Mexican Mountains called? The Sierra Madre Oriental
What are the Southern Mexican Mountains called? Sierra Madre Del Sur
What city borders San Diego? Tijuana
What city borders El Paso? Juarez
What are land grants given out by the Mexican government in a land--redistribution program? Ejidos
What is the southernmost state in Mexico that in 1824 broke away from Guatemala and joined the original 19 states in Mexico? Chiapas
What is based on large-scale agricultural operations and employing and housing many workers and producing one product such as rubber, sugar, or cotton Plantation Economy
Who left written records? Mayans
Who's government is backed by the USSR? Sandinistas
Who are rebels backed by the USA? Contras
What was built by the USA in 1920? Panama Canal
True or False: El Salvador is the most populous nation of Central America False
True or False: Guatemala was the heart of the Mayan empire True
True or False: Belize has the highest per capita GDP in Central America False
True or False: Juntas were councils of military and civilian leaders who seize power, often resulting in civil wars True
True or False: The ruins of the Tarascan Indians are located in Michoacan True
True or False: A sombrero is a wide brimmed hat important to Mexico True
True or False: Leeward Islands are northern islands of the lesser Antilles True
True or False: Windward Islands are the islands that face the prevailing southeasterly winds that blow off the Atlantic True
True or False: The Three Island groups that form the West Indies are the Bahamas, the Windward, and the Leeward Islands False
True or False: Vladimir Lenin lead the Russian Revolution True
True or False: Mount Klyuchevskya is the highest peak in Siberia True
What is the small body of water that separates Russia from Alaska? The Bering Strait
What is the largest Siberian city? Novosibirsk
What is the large Pacifican Russian Island that is separated from Japan by a narrow channel? Sakhalin
What is the long chain of islands that extends from Kamchatka to Japan? Kuril
What is the large peninsula that extends south of Russia into the Pacific? Kamchatka
What is the area of Asian Russia east of the Urals? Siberia
What is the mountain range that splits European Russia from Asian Russia? Ural Mountains
What is the third largest Russian city that is known for making cars? Nizhniy Novgorod
What is another name for grasslands? Steppes
Who are fiercely independent nomads that lived on the grasslands? Cossacks
What is Europe's longest river? Volga
What is Europe's highest mountain? Elbrus
What is the Capital of Russia? Moscow
What is Russia's second largest city and main port? St. Petersburg
What is the flat glaciated plain north of St. Petersburg? Karelia
What was formerly called Stalingrad and is the most important shipping hub? Volgograd
What are the ethnic republics where the tatars live? Tatarstan and Bashortostan
True or False: The CIS was made to retain economic ties among the former soviet states True
True or False: Vladivostok is the main Russian port in Siberia True
True or False: The Soviets conducted nuclear testing on the Kuril Islands False
What are the mountains that divide Asia from Europe? Ural mountains
What is Russia that is east of the Ural Mountains? Siberia
What was the conflict between the USSR and the USA? Cold War
What are Russian rulers from the 1500s to the 1900s Czars
What are rulers without any limits on their power and authority? Autocrat
True or False: The key product of Venezuela is Bauxite ore False
What is the Sacred capital of the Incas? Cusco
What is the high plateau south of the Pampas in Argentina that rises in step like cliffs towards the Andes mountains? Patagonia
What is the second longest river system in South America? Parana
What is the third longest river in South America that can be found in Venezuela? Orinoco
What is the largest lake in South America? Maracaibo
What is the Incan language spoken by the lower classes of Peruvians? Quecha
What is the Native Indian language spoken as the second language after Spanish in daily life in Paraguay? Guarani
What is the capital of Ecuador? Quito
What is the capital of Columbia? Bogota
What is the capital of Paraguay? Asuncion
What is the capital of Venezuela? Caracas
What is the capital of Bolivia? La Paz and Sucre
What is the capital of Peru? Lima
What is the capital of Argentina? Buenos Aires
True or False: Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world True
True or False: Suriname has the lowest population density in South America? True
True or False: Bolivia is a landlocked country True
True or False: Half of the people in the Pampas live in Buenos Aires True
True or False: The Caribbean countries share the Llanos True
True or False: Francisco Pizarro was a famous catholic that dedicated his life to helping the Indians of Peru False
True or False: Peru's coast is a desert True
True or False: The key products of Columbia include coffee and cocaine True
True or False: Ecuador is the South American country found most south and includes the island Cape Horn False
What is the most famous of the caudillos of Argentina that led the country to economic ruin? Jose De San Martin
Who is the liberator of South America, liberated Bolivia, Columbia, and Venezuela Simon Bolivar
Who is a dictator in Chile that actually fixed the economy and transitioned to democracy but is still kind of a dictator with the secret police and murders and such but hey!? Augusto Pinochet
Who is is a marxist/communist "president" of Chile that ruined the country and lost power in just 3 years Salvador Allende
Who is the Great Liberator of Argentina and the southern region of South America? Juan Peron
True or False: Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world True
True or False: The Llanos are large block shaped mountains in the Guiana Highlands False
True or False: Mont Blanc is the tallest alpine peak in Italy False
True or False: The Apennine mountains for the backbone of England False
True or False: Olympia can be found on the Peloponnesus Peninsula True
True or False: The Black Forest is a famous feature found in the northern portion of France False
True or False: The headquarters of the EU can be found in the small neutral country of Lichtenstein because of its lack of an army False
True or False: The Iberian Peninsula contains Spain and Portugal True
True or False: The Meseta covers much of France and extends south to the Alps False
True or False: Madrid can be found on the Meseta True
True or False: The Tagus river flows through Portugal to get to the Atlantic Ocean True
True or False: The Danube river flows through Austria True
True or False: Denmark is famous for reclaiming much land from the sea by using dikes, pumping out the water, and developing polders False
True or False: The tiny country of Denmark actually controls the large island of Greenland True
True or False: Poland's two important rivers are the Galesia and Silesia False
True or False: The Dinaric Alps run along the Baltic Sea False
True or False: Transylvania, Walachia, and Moldavia True
True or False: Two of Poland's important regions are the Oder and the Vistula False
True or False: Bosnia Herzegovina and Albania have muslim majorites True
True or False: The Carpathian Mountains extend from the alps across Eastern Europe True
True or False: Mount Musala is the highest mountain in the Baltic Mountains False
True or False: The Dneiper River can be found in Ukraine True
True or False: A shatter belt is a region where the countries change size, shape, and number True
True or False: The Great Hungarian Plain stretches from Paris to Moscow, but covers very little of Eastern Europe False
True or False: The Balkan, Carpathian, and Rhodope Mountains are in the Eastern Balkans True
True or False: Pinsk is the name of the largest marsh in Eastern Europe True
Created by: MaryCorrigan
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