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RMS Science Stems

RMS 6th Grade Science Stems

sci to know
hypo under
thesis idea
quantitas measurable
qualitas quality, property
simulare imitate
metron measurement
servare keep watch, maintain
therm heat
sol sun
ergon work
kinetos to move
potentia possible
radius spoke of a wheel
chem chemical action or chemicals
elastos flexible
sym/syn/com/con together
efficere work out
gene produce, give birth
turbo spinning top
circum round
currere to run quickly
photo light
ducere to lead
vehere to carry
machina device
bi/di two
atmos vapor, steam
sphaera globe, ball
trop to turn or change
strato layer
meso middle
ion go
ultra beyond
nimbus rain
cirrus hair curl
cumulus heap/pile
mare sea
densus thick or crowded
humidus moist/wet
praecipitare steep fall
tornare to turn
meteoron high up/heavenly
ology branch of knowledge
iso equal
baros weight
circulus move around/revolve
evaporare disperse in vapor
vapor steam
clima region
hydro water
aero air
particula little bit/part
cell hut/room
spec view/ appearance
taxis arrangement
nomen name
calator to call out
dis apart
ponere to put/place
protos first
mikros small
ab from
sorbere suck in
herb plant
carnis flesh/meat
omni all
detritus dead material
vorous to eat/swallow
hetero different
homeo similar to
stasis state or condition
in/a not
re again
in/endo inside
vert bend direction
lat side
poly many
pod/ped/pus foot
anus ring
cutis/derm skin
sitos food
ad/ap to add
pend hang
exo/ecto outside
meta change
morph shape
arthro jointed
echino spiny
amphi both/double
bio life
aestus summer
hiver winter/snowy
stinct prompt
natus born
para beside
mekos length
eu true/good
karyon nut/kernel
pseudo false
flagrum whip
cilia eyelash
mono one
sapro putrid
hyphe web
myco fungus
auto self
troph food/food source
vas vessel/tube
stoma small opening
xylo wood
epi on/upon
ovum egg
embryon young one
chloro green
phyll leaf
photo light
sprirtus breath/blow
trans through/across
thigma touch
geo earth
gravis heavy
dormire to sleep
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