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GBHE LC Vocabulary

Flashcards, Matching, Quiz

ad to
adoro I adore
aeternus -a -um eternal, everlasting
agnus -i lamb
agricola -ae farmer
altus -a -um high, deep
ambulo I walk
amicus -i friend
amo I love, like
animus -i mind, spirit
annus -i year
ante before
appello I address
aqua -ae water
aquila -ae eagle
arbor arboris tree
aurora -ae dawn
auxilium -i help, aid
barbarus -i barbarian
bellum -i war
bene well
bonus -a -um good
caelum -i sky, heaven
Caesar Caesaris Caesar
campus -i field, plain
canis canis dog
caput capitis head
cena -ae dinner
centum one hundred
centurio centurionis centurion
certus -a -um certain, sure
Christus -i Christ
cibus -i food
civitas civitatis state
clam secretly
clamo I shout
collis collis hill
contra against
corona -ae crown
corpus corporis body
crux crucis cross
culpa -ae fault
cur ...? why ...?
debeo I owe, ought
debitum -i debt, sin
decem ten
decimus -a -um tenth
deus -i god
discipulus -i student
do I give
doceo I teach
dolor doloris pain, sorrow
dominus -i lord, master
donum -i gift
duo two
equus -i horse
et and
ex out of
fabula -ae story
femina -ae woman
fenestra -ae window
filia -ae daughter
filius -i son
flumen fluminis river
fortuna -ae fortune, chance
forum -i forum, marketplace
frater fratris brother
frumentum -i grain
fuga -ae flight
Gallia -ae Gaul
gaudium -i joy, gladness
gens gentis tribe
gladius -i sword
gloria -ae glory
gratia -ae grace
habeo I have
habito I live in, dwell
herba -ae plant, herb
Hispania -ae Spain
homo hominis human
hora -ae hour
hortus -i garden
hostis hostis enemy
ignis ignis fire
imperator imperatoris general, commander
imperium -i command, empire
injuria -ae injury
insula -ae island
inter between
ira -ae anger
Italia -ae Italy
Jesus Jesus
jubeo I order, command
judico I judge, consider
labor laboris work, toil
laboro I work
laetus -a -um happy
laudo I praise
lavo I wash
legatus -i lieutenant, envoy
legio legionis legion
lentus -a -um slow, sluggish
lex legis law
libero I set free
locus -i place
longus -a -um long
ludus -i game, school
luna -ae moon
lupus -i wolf
lux lucis light
magnus -a -um large, great
malus -a -um bad
Maria -ae Mary
mater matris mother
memoria -ae memory
mensa -ae table
meus -a -um my
miles militis soldier
mille one thousand
moneo I warn
mons montis mountain
mora -ae delay
mors mortis death
moveo I move
multus -a -um much, many
mundus -i world, mankind
murus -i wall
narro I tell
nauta -ae [m.] sailor
navigo I sail
navis navis ship
nimbus -i cloud
nomen nominis name
non not
nonus -a -um ninth
novem nine
novus -a -um new
nox noctis night
numquam never
nunc now
nuntius -i messenger, message
occupo I seize
octavus -a -um eighth
octo eight
oculus -i eye
oppidum -i town
ordo ordinis order, rank
oro I beg, pray
paro I prepare
pars partis part
parvus -a -um small
pater patris father
patria -ae fatherland
pax pacis peace
peccatum -i mistake, sin
pecunia -ae money
plenus -a -um full
pons pontis bridge
populus -i people
porto I carry
post after
praemium -i reward
primus -a -um first
proelium -i battle
proximus -a -um nearest, next
puella -ae girl
pugno I fight
quando ...? when ...?
quartus -a -um fourth
quattuor four
quinque five
quintus -a -um fifth
quis ...? who ...?
regina -ae queen
regnum -i kingdom
rex regis king
Roma -ae Rome
saepe often
sanctus -a -um holy, sacred
secundus -a -um second
sedeo I sit
sella -ae seat
semper always
septem seven
septimus -a -um seventh
servus -i slave, servant
sex six
sextus -a -um sixth
sicut as
signum -i sign, standard
silva -ae forest
socius -i ally
soror sororis sister
specto I look at
stella -ae star
sto I stand
sub under
summus -a -um highest, greatest
supero I overcome, surpass
tabella -ae writing tablet
telum -i weapon
tempus temporis time
tergum -i back
terra -ae land, earth
terreo I frighten
tertuis -a -um third
timeo I fear, am afraid of
tres three
tutus -a -um safe
tuus -a -um your [singular]
unda -ae wave
unus one
urbs urbis city
ursa -ae bear
vacca -ae cow
vallum -i wall, rampart
ventus -i wind
verbum -i word
veritas veritatis truth
via -ae road, way
victoria -ae victory
video I see
villa -ae farmhouse
vinum -i wine
virtus virtutis courage, virtue
vita -ae life
voco I call
vox vocis voice
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